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Spain: Economic Analysis

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1. Freedom from internal controlNowadays, and thank to the Constitution, Spanish government respects fully all rights of its citizens. Now Spain has no official religion. The constitution disestablished the Roman Catholic Church as the official state religion, although more than 90% of the population are at least nominally Catholic. Spaniards can move within and outside the physical boundaries of their country with no required permission from the government. Both men and women have, legally, the same rights to undertake a new business and for equal job opportunities. The dignity of the individual, all rights he or she inherits, the free development of the personality, including religion, the ...view middle of the document...

In Spain, however, there are cases of squatters. Spain is the best place for squatters, but not because private property is not defended but because there are a lot of buildings left and abandoned. If the owner or proprietor wants the squatters out of his property squatters have to leave, although sometimes police force and authority it is required in order to do so.3. Commercial banksSpain has a great variety of commercial banks in which most citizen and companies deposit their money. Most of these banks provide a full range of services and operations, including collection and payment services outside of Spain through their foreign branches. Moreover, they are very involved in financing major public and private projects by subscribing and purchasing fixed-interest debt securities. All commercial banks are lenders to both private customers, or citizens, and businesses, but their rates and restrictions or requirements are quite strict, although they are getting better, which did not promote new small business and the buying of housing by young people.4. Communication systemsSpain has an extensive network of communication facilities such as telephone, TV and radio stations, fax, newspapers, magazines, and Internet, among others, which are easy to access all over the country. However, it may be harder in rural areas and in some western and southern parts of the country which are not as developed as the main cities and capital. According to CIA statistics, there were 44 main lines for each 100 persons in 1999;17.336 million were main telephone lines and 8.394 million were cellular phones, numbers that increased in the following years. The general assessment of the CIA is that telephone network is generally adequate. Spaniards also have access to 224 (plus 2,105 repeaters) television stations and 208 AM stations, and 715 FM, according to data of 1998. Spain also, and most importantly in my opinion, had, in the year 2000, 56 ISPs (Internet Service Providers). This number is also increasing and is leading to Spain to a more advanced country in terms of telecommunications. All these areas within telecommunications enjoy competition, however, the state-owned company Telefonica is the responsible for the large development in certain areas, although it still has the monopoly of almost all the infrastructure of telecommunications. Spain is not as modern as other countries in terms of telecommunication but it provides the necessary infrastructure to help and promote business and education.5. TransportationThere is no place in Spain you cannot get by using public or private transportation and the means they require. Due to its geographical situation Spain has a great deal of harbors and ports, which is the main mean or source of transportation for commerce and industry together with the train network. Spaniards and foreigners travel from one city or town to another by car, train, and plane, which are still the most efficient and popular transportation...

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