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Examine how Special Education Teachers Collaborate with Other School Officials and Teachers
Samantha Herrmann
Northcentral University
Examine how Special Education Teachers Collaborate with Other School Officials and Teachers
Collaboration between teachers is vital to the survival of students in the education system that is used today. By collaborating with Principals, teachers, and special education teachers the student receives the best possible education possible. Collaboration allows for students to succeed and teachers to receive help in situations they may not understand or have the best resources for.
What role should school principals play in the development of collaborative lesson planning by general education teachers and special education teachers?
Principals play a large role in the development of lesson planning with special education teachers and general education teachers. The principal must be able to reorganizer and structure collaboration and lesson planning in a way that suits all parties. The principal must choose the best teachers to work in sync with one another as well as where they need to focus their resources. The principal must also think about the students he places with teachers and who will have the best ability to teach each individual student and meet their needs. As a teacher or special education teacher you must share your concerns with the principal about planning and collaboration to make sure your student is receiving the best education possible (Sciullo, p.43).
Who should make the final decisions concerning the specific strategies to be utilized with students with an IEP and why?
When it comes to the final decision regarding strategies and IEP’s the person who makes the final decision is the special education teacher or facilitator. In this situation the teacher and Principal will be apart of the decision process but not the final decision makers. The students need will be discussed in an IEP meeting with general education teachers, principals, parents, and special education teachers. They will discuss the issues the child may be facing and any solution that could be used in the classroom. The Special education teacher will then take the information they are given and create the students IEP. The reason for this is because the special education teacher has the most resources to the most available, productive, and most used solutions to students’ disabilities (Bursuck, Friend p.37).
Should special education students with an IEP be expected to complete the same assignments as general education students, in a small group, in an inclusive setting? Why or why not and provide a rationale for your response from the perspective of principal, classroom teacher, and lead special education teacher?
In this case students are all different and not all IEP’s mean that students are unable to complete the same difficulty work as their peers. As a teacher, you want all your students to succeed to ...


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