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Nguyen-Cruz, Asia
September 14, 2017
English 110 COMM 1
Being in LBGTQ community
People in the U.S. have rights, like freedom of speech or the right to keep and bear arms. Many people do not know the history of gay pride in L.A. In 1950, activist Harry Hay founded the Mattachine Society to fight for gay rights. Being different in a society where everyone conforms to being “normal” is hard to grow up in because no one see’s you equally. Sexuality is not something you can just change love is love. Growing up a pansexual asian women is hard because people already look at you differently since you are a minority and to add on to it now that you are gay, people judge you non-stop. You may not know the term pansexual, so an easier term would be bisexual. Pansexual means that you love all men, women, transgender, etc. It is 2017 there is so many different terms now used in the gay community that only queer people know.
Recently, a museum called MOCA Pacific Design Center are using an exhibit that would never be even thought of unless you read the article or seen the art for your own eyes. Chicano queer pride, taking place in the 1950’s was a history people know little about. In these exhibits they show how Latin American and L.A. history collides, bringing this topic to the surface shows boldness. Not that many people want to expose their children to queer culture because they don’t want them to become queer, like it’s a disease you want to stay away from. Coming out to my parents wasn’t easy but I took a bold chance I brought my lover to my little sister’s birthday party, many were shocked because I did it at a family event but they were understanding. The queer community doesn’t get off as easy as I did, their name is always used a derogatory term wiped through the mud. Many get kicked out with no place to call home or others repress their feelings so they aren’t treated like others if they come saying they’re gay.
Many were looked down upon from the start because of the color of their skin, but they didn’t care w...


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