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Speech For Grade 9 Public Speaking On Dennis Rodman

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Dressed in a long white dress, which swept the floor like a soft summer breeze and courageously sporting pink hair which matched the hot color on the well manicured nails, this member of the bridal party captured everybody's attention. This was no ordinary wedding because I'm not describing the bride. The focus of this was the cross-dressing, rainbow coiffed, rebounding machine that plays basketball in his spare time Dennis Rodman!The 6'8", 220 pound Dennis Rodman was born on May 13th, 1961 in Trenton, New Jersey. He paints his nails, changes his hair color every day and before every game and worst of all cross dresses. Dennis Rodman is definitely unique. Some may find him a bit weird or freaky, but why? Isn't it normal for someone to dress up in a wedding dress and pretend to be their own bride? Isn't it normal for Madonna's male friends to borrow her clothes? Why is Dennis ...view middle of the document...

That's where Dennis Rodman shines. Dennis has insisted on being an individual, free to make his own choices. He's not a follower; he's not a leader. He is himself. He is Dennis Rodman.Dennis Rodman is one-in-a-million, both on and off the basketball court. Drafted by the Pistons and later traded to the Bulls, Dennis played three years with the Bulls. He was forced to retired half way through the 98 99 season because he was fired by Los Angeles Lakers due to his many problems. The following year he signed with the Dallas Mavericks and got kicked out of the league for head butting a referee in the face.Denis was fined many times for inappropriate behavior. He was fined 105 thousand dollars combined, for head butting 3 people. He was fined for kicking a camera man in the _____ and had to pay 200 thousand dollars and was fine 100 thousand dollars for showing up to a game drunk as a mule. After this he became a wrestler in the nWo. He was given many nicknames as a wrestler such as the wurm and Denis the Menace.His favorite team that he played for was the Chicago Bulls and the team he hates the most is the Miami Heat. He would love to make NBA's Frank Brickowski and Greg Ostertag look and feel really stupid someday, whereas people like Christian "I think I'm a white Dennis Rodman" Leatner and Allen "I think I'm the next MJ" Iverson, he enjoyed playing against. Denis went to Southeastern Oklahoma State, where he played college ball. His favorite music is Country like Randy Travis and Eddie Veder. Denis's Favorite Book is "Bad as I Wanna Be" but it's probably the only book he as ever read considering he wrote it. His favorite food is whip cream.Dennis Rodman is a good role model for today's youth because he is himself and doesn't try to copy other people. He is what he is and he doesn't try to hide it. What does all of this mean? If you want to make something of yourself, you can. Not by copying someone else. Just by being yourself, developing your own God given talents, whatever they may be, and by hard work and perseverance, NOT BECAUSE HE CROSS DRESSES !!!!

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