Speech: The World And Society Depicted In Crime Fiction Texts

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Good morning crime fiction writers. Today I will be addressing you on how crime fiction focuses on solving mysteries and crimes, but that it also conveys numerous themes of the world and raises questions about the society depicted. A crime novel, film, play and any other texts must have a good storyline and contain a high-quality mystery to keep its audience intrigued, but all texts have their ideas and themes to put across. Many crime texts raise vital issues about people and the society and the issues raised must be taken notice of as the author's concepts frequently relate to life. Audiences pay attention to the plot and story of crime fiction texts but the themes and message that ...view middle of the document...

Then Simon is shot and the Inspector Hound and the others try to work out who the killer is, with each character having a clear motive to kill Simon. Meanwhile, there are two movie critics, Moon and Birdboot, watching this play, commenting on the conventions of this play, describing the 'whodunnit' genre and using innuendo, remarking on how boring the play is, the play being a parody to Agatha Christies' work. It is when the two world crosses over we see the futility of the play and the lack of sense it makes. During a break for the end of an act Birdboot goes up onto stage to pick up the ringing telephone. He answers the phone and when he hangs up he finds himself in the role of Simon, with the play being acted out again. He then sees the dead body and realises its Higgs, the movie critic that Moon steps in for as a second choice. He figures out who the killer is and then is shot before having the chance to tell Moon. Moon is then left on stage in the role of Inspector Hound while Simon and Inspector Hound have taken the roles of the critics, and are criticising and slamming the play. The confusion is evident throughout all of this and the identity of the killer and the real Inspector Hound are perplexed. The killer turns out to be Magnus, Lady Cynthia Muldoon's stepbrother, who is identified by Birdboot and Moon as Puckeridge, the third choice critic after Higgs and Moon. Magnus accuses Moon, in the role of Inspector Hound, of being an impostor, and reveals himself to be the real Inspector Hound. He then adds to his multiple personalities by claiming to be Cynthia's long lost husband, Albert, who went missing ten years ago. Here we see that Magnus has different identities in the play and Puckeridge has used the crossing of the two worlds to eliminate both Higgs and Moon to become the first choice theatre critic.Although it is hard to make sense of this irrational play it is obvious that Tom Stoppard is trying to put across several themes in his play. The meaninglessness of life itself is explored and the lack of sense in this play expresses how there is no meaning in life and how societies make no sense. The lower class discrimination is evident in the way Simon is the first to be suspected as he is an outsider who does not belong to the other characters' upper class wealthy world. This is a world in which the people with money are powerful and have control over society. Relationships are not real or cannot occur successfully. The play shows this with Cynthia and Albert, where Albert has been missing for ten years, and Cynthia is seeing Simon, but claims she still loves Albert. Simon cannot have his relationship with Cynthia as she is pushing him away. His relationship with Felicity didn't last as there were no real feelings involved. Cynthia could not be with Birdboot as they were from two different worlds. And Birdboot's relationship with his wife is not affectionate and not full of love.The corruption of morals is shown through the acti...


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3036 words - 13 pages their claims accepted as the dominant social construction of reality (Surette, 2007). Moreover, for decades now countries all over the world have been installing surveillance camera systems as an additional tool to use in fighting crime and making society safe. Police and investigative authorities across the globe are now using footage from surveillance cameras as key evidence throughout the investigation of a crime. Surveillance can also be seen as

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