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Nazarene Theological College
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Spiritual Formation
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Any semester
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Revd Dr. Julie Lunn
This unit studies, academically and practically, the voluntary responses of the individual believer to the saving grace of God in Christ which in turn results in a (conscious) relationship with God through the indwelling Holy Spirit and which is demonstrated within the community of believers and to the world.
This unit studies, academically and practically, the voluntary responses of the individual believer to the saving grace of God in Christ which in turn results in a (conscious) relationship with God through the indwelling Holy Spirit and which is demonstrated within the community of believers and to the world.
The course unit aims to:
· broaden and deepen experience of prayer and spiritual discipline through academic engagement and spiritual practice
· develop an understanding of significant Christian spiritual traditions
· engage with classic spiritual writers
· explore the communal context of Christian spirituality
· address the interrelationship of spirituality and social action
By the end of this course students will be able to:
· demonstrate an awareness of the rich historical development of the Christian spiritual streams;
· demonstrate an in-depth understanding and critical knowledge of the work and contribution of one or more classic spiritual writers
· demonstrate an awareness of possible ways to develop a disciplined strategy for spiritual growth;
· demonstrate an understanding of the interrelationship of spiritual formation and theological thinking;
· define and model accountability in spiritual formation
· develop independent thought and critical self-awareness about their own practices
· critically evaluate the contributions of spiritual writers and practices
· engage reflectively with different models of engagement with God through prayer and spiritual discipline
· express their learning and accountability for spiritual development through action within their contexts and within the community
· express their understanding in a disciplined lifestyle shown in redemptive actions to the world.
· engage in group work
· develop skills in written and verbal communication
· develop skills in analytical interpretation
· develop IT skills
· analyse primary and secondary sources and communicate this effectively in writing and verbally
· appreciate interdisciplinary engagement in the study of theology and spirituality
· use IT and computer skills to support research effectively
· This unit will ena...


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