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The Dynamics of Norwegian SportHolden Washington AdamsEast Carolina UniversityGeneral Profile of NorwayWhen one examines the geographical location of Norway, they will notice that it is a Scandinavian country located in Northern Europe. Norway lies next to the North Atlantic Ocean, and to the west of Sweden (World Factbook, 2013-2014). In comparison to the rest of the world, Norway ranks sixty-eighth in total square miles. Norway's square mile total comes to 323,802, whereas Russia, in the number one spot, comes to an astounding 17,098,242 total square miles (World Factbook, 2013-2014). As one can see, it is a ...view middle of the document...

The ethnic groups that comprise Norway's population are not very diverse. In fact, there are only two total ethnic groups, that total anything, that are located within Norway's borders (World Factbook, 2013-2014). Those two ethnic groups are Norwegian, European, and a very marginal percentage of other types of ethnic groups (World Factbook, 2013-2014). The European and other ethnic groups that are in Norway take up only about six percent of the population. The other ninety-four percent of the population is actually Norwegian (World Factbook, 2013-2014). Although the ethnic groups really only come to a total of two, there are four different languages that are commonly spoken in Norway. Those four languages are Bokmal Norwegian, Nynorsk Norwegian, and a small amount of Sami and Finnish speaking populations (World Factbook, 2013-2014). One may question why there are four different languages spoken in Norway, but only two true ethnic groups. The explanation for that is that there are two different official languages of Norway; Bokmal Norwegian and Nynorsk Norwegian (World Factbook, 2013-2014). The other two languages, Sami and Finnish, can be attributed to the different countries represented within the European ethnic group, as well as the marginal population of other ethnic groups (World Factbook, 2013-2014).Religion within Norway is diverse, but also concentrated. The vast majority of Norwegians practice Evangelical Lutheran, but there are also representations of Pentecostals, Roman Catholics, Christians, and Muslims (World Factbook, 2013-2014). As mentioned earlier, much of the population resides within the densely populated valleys. For example, within Oslo, the Norwegian capital, 875,000 people reside there (World Factbook, 2013-2014). That is nearly eighteen percent of Norway's population. Eighteen percent may not appear to be a large percentage, but when viewing countries that tend have a larger living space, it is evident that Norway's population is compact (World Factbook, 2013-2014). Take the United States for example. The total population for the United States is 316,438,601, and 19,300,000 of that is located within the United States most populated city, New York City. That is only 0.06 percent of the United States total population (World Factbook, 2013-2014). When observing the numbers in that manner, it is acceptable to say that Norway's most populated cities are truly and densely populated. Thankfully Norway's population is not growing at a fast pace. It only grew about .33 percent in 2013, and when putting that number into a ranking, it places Norway at one hundred and seventy eighth in the world (World Factbook, 2013-2014). With such a large amount of people in a minute space, one may raise the question of what role does the government play within this society?Norway's government operates on what is called a constitutional monarchy (World Factbook, 2013-2014). Norway's government and the United Kingdom's government is much alike, but...

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