Standards Of Beauty In The 21st Century English Essay

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The Standards of Beauty in the 21st Century
At the point when girls are youthful, their brains and imagination illuminate at the sight
of Disney princesses, with their beautiful ball gowns, perfect hair, and dainty waists. In most
instances, they become the child’s first role model. As they grow up these young girls start
playing with Barbies, dressing the doll up for a beach date with Ken. Before long these young
ladies become young women while flipping through magazines and awing at the sight of a model
in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show who strolls through the runway with a glamorous outfit
that outlines her body perfectly. ​According to “The Dove Self-Esteem Fund” the organization
states “71% of girls with low self-esteem feel their appearance does not measure up, including
not feeling pretty enough, thin enough or stylish or trendy enough”( ​Young girls and
women are persuaded to buying fad products, getting eating disorders/anorexia and being bullied
by the media.
The Miss Belt, a weight loss product, claims to give women “the perfect waistline in
seconds and give her an hourglass shape” (DailyMail UK). ​This compression tool sucks
stomachs in and is marketed to be worn at work, during exercise, and while relaxing also adding
that the belt is a great tool for hiding a 'baby body. This is what the world has become today,
advertising products to make women look thinner so the company can make money. The Miss
Belt has many great reviews on Amazon and eBay giving the product a 3.8 out of 5 stars.
Therefore, many people think the society only bases girls and women on their look when really
what is on the inside matters most. "Girls are extremely desirable to advertisers because they are
new consumers, are beginning to have significant disposable income, and are developing brand
Paluri 2
loyalty that might last a lifetime" (Kilbourne 259). Girls of all ages get the message that they
must be flawlessly beautiful and thin. They get the message that with enough effort and
self-sacrifice, they can achieve this ideal. And the result is that young girls from the early start to
feel bad about themselves. A massive worldwide industry is eager to tell women that there are
products for sale which can improve their looks. The worst part is that identity is understood as
something that could be reworked, improved upon, and even dramatically changed. Advertising
is a powerful force in our culture that informs us but does not educate us. Economics is a
significant factor in the development of the ideal image. “There is a wealth of businesses that
depend upon the American desire for thinness to survive” (The Beauty Myth 64). In order to
create a market for their product, they attempt to make women feel inadequate about their own
bodies through advertisement. According to Wolf, the diet industry has tripled its income in the
past ten years from a $10 billion industry to a $33.3 billion industry. When the US compare
some results with UK, people...

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