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Stanley Milgram conducted the obedience study in the early 1960s. It closely related to the conformity research because it showed how far people were willing to go to obey authority figures. He was a graduate assistant at Yale and considered his mentor his most important scientific influence even though Milgram’s research went far beyond his mentor’s. Milgram recruited white and blue collar workers at random to participate in his study. They were told they would be learning the effects of punishment on learning. Each volunteer was initially met by a stern man in a lab coat upon arrival and introduced to the subject of the experiment. The subject was an old man with heart problems strapped to a machine. The volunteers were then taken to another room and shown a shock generator which could induce 50 volts of electricity. They would be the teachers and the subject would be the learner. They were instructed to ask the learner questions and if he got it incorrect to flip the switch activating the shock generator. The learner’s screams were pre-taped to give the illusion that it was real. In most cases the teacher did what the instructor told them to do. Milgram’s last day of the study was taped and it showed two-thirds of the participants followed instructions and raised voltage to their highest levels. However, it was shown that they hesitated and felt uncomfortable doing it. Compliance was found to be higher when the subjects face could not be seen and lower when other people defying experiment were in the room as well. Milgram concluded that high percentages of people will cause pain to others in order to obey authority.
Phillip Zimbardo was a psychologist at Stanford University and he conducted the prison experiment. Zimbardo turned his office at Stanford into a prison with laboratory rooms being made as sales in the closet was turned into solitary confinement so. He then recruited the most psychologically stable people from Stanford’s campus for ...


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2843 words - 12 pages History 6 Ideological debates 7 Broader social debates and key stakeholders 8-10 Discussion on the process through the house 11 Conclusion 12-13 Reference Introduction This report will look at Children, Young Persons, and Their Families (Oranga Tamariki) Bill that aims to make amendments to the Children and Young Person’s Act of 1989. This Bill will change the processes that were developed for children under state care; previously children have

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1589 words - 7 pages AIMS  &  OBJECTIVE   1   Intervention of Youths at Risk of Suicide Within The Juvenile System Jessica Nare & Nancy Le SOCW 3308 Social Work Research Methods Dr. Holli Slater October 14, 2018 AIMS  &  OBJECTIVE   2   Peer Review In our opinion, the authors’ objectives and purpose were very well thought out and descriptive when discussing the subject matter for research methods, the critical need for such research, and their plan

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2713 words - 11 pages Value and ethics in contemporary social work 6 0 Discuss the relevance of values and ethics in contemporary social work. A value may be referred to as the moral conduct that defines an individual. It forms the basis of the belief that one chooses to judge the society. Values mainly arise from cultural, social, religious and even personal aspects. They, therefore, tend to be different between people. This will at times cause conflict among

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618 words - 3 pages divides into work, home, and social life with two questions for each part.Total: 12 (10 women & 2 men) Y=YES, N=NOQuestions female maleWorkLife 1 Y 90% N 10% Y 50% N 50%2 a 0% b 20% c 80% a 0% b 100% c 0%HomeLife 3 a 70% b 20% c 10% a 50% b 50% c 0%4 Y 90% N 10% Y 100% N 0%Social Life 5 Y 10% N 90% Y 100% N 0%6 Y 30% N 70% Y 100% N 0%Work LifeIn Work Life, for question one, 90% of women chose YES and only 10% chose NO. 50% of men chose YES and

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1424 words - 6 pages & Qian, 2017). Therefore, PAP redirected resources towards defense building while social welfare took a backseat for the time being. As such, citizens were left largely to fend for themselves, which kick-started the concept of self-reliance where individuals work in efforts to provide for his family and to save for the rainy days ahead. Ultimately, individuals take personal responsibility in creating a better future for themselves. Individuals

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862 words - 4 pages we both had a way to where we needed to be even if it was different places at the same time. As I moved into senior year everything started to get easier. I was able to sign myself out of school, drive home from school, and even pick my cousins up from school if need be. Since I’ve never even met my father its always been just me and my mom. We’ve had to work hard for everything we have and then some. One weekend in the summer of 2018 I was

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1336 words - 6 pages creative licensing that may not be reflective of the real experiment. However, the point is that according to the Ethics Code of the American Psychological Association the experiment defies modern ethics and would never be considered today. Many argue the validity of the study. After all Zimbardo used an experiment group made-up of primarily white males. That makes it difficult to gain a broad spectrum of results. Also, many question ones ability to

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2147 words - 9 pages Free semester, we have studied several experiments that happened in history and produced results which led to psychological findings we have today, but the results or even the methods of testing might have differed if our society glorified older people. One experiment which pops into my head is the Milgram Experiment, carried out by Stanley Milgram in the 1960s. In our book, it discusses how Milgram wanted to test the limits of just how far someone’s

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884 words - 4 pages experiments like his obedience experiment. A psychiatrist also checked out the individuals that expressed turmoil during the experiment a year later and he checked them out with no concern about any psychological effects on them from the experiment. When I learned about the procedures that Milgram took to make sure his study was a valid study that did not break an ethical code, I was less inclined on putting a bad label on Milgram for disregarding

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2313 words - 10 pages Zimbardo’s research hypothesis in the STANFORD PRISON EXPERIMENT? Hypotheses are usually based on both theoretical expectations about how things work and already existing scientific evidence. Within social science, a hypothesis can take two forms. It can predict that there is no relationship between two variables, or it can predict the existence of a relationship between variables, which is known as an alternative hypothesis (Zimbardo, 2010

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480 words - 2 pages choice but to continue with the experiment. Future research should use a sample of both men and women to examine whether the level of obedience would fluctuate and replace the experimenter with an ordinary person to examine the influence of social roles on authority. Reference Milgram, S. (1963). Behavioral study of obedience. The Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology, 67(4), 371-378. doi:10.1037/h0040525

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4982 words - 20 pages our characters cast, let’s divide into groups so that we can write our scenes,” Miss Vane said. She picked up her list of the groups she’d devised and admonished the class to remember how important it was to be able to work with people from all backgrounds, even if they’re not friends with them. In spite of her lecture, the groups all looked miserable. She was pretty sure Max now hated her since he was stuck in Ty’s group. Even Stanley looked