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Project I
Part 1
Obesity, the new pandemic sweeping developed countries has achieved epic proportions with more than 58 million obese people in the US today. The World Health Organization has predicted that, by 2020, two-thirds of the global disease burden will be attributable to chronic diseases associated with obesity. It is a complex disease and current research indicates that various genes may be affected in some manner in causing the disease. Obesity is a multi-factorial disease, frequently associated with related and serious disorders like diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, and inflammatory problems like osteoarthritis, aging, and certain cancers.
Although large quantities of research money have been spent on studying this disease, there is still no clear understanding of cause. It is evident, nevertheless, that multiple constituents are required. It is for this reason that I designed a study to investigate the everyday life practices of individuals from Howard community that could promote obesity. I specifically investigated the long held belief that, how much do you weigh and How many hours daily, do you spend sitting inactive for longer hours during the day contributes to obese conditions.
Data would be collected through a survey in which individuals would be asked to state how much they weigh (in pounds) and how many hours they spent inactively sitting during each day.
The survey would be given to 20 Howard community college students/staffs between June 01-05, 2017 by...

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