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Form of Statement of Work
To the extent applicable, the Statement of Work shall contain the following terms:
This Statement of Work # 1 (the “SOW”) is subject to the Agreement by and between NAME (“Contractor”) and NAME (“Purchaser”) dated DATE. By executing this SOW, the parties agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out in the Agreement with respect to the Services to be performed/Goods to be supplied under this SOW.
This SOW describes the Services/Goods Contractor will provide to Purchaser for INSERT DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES/GOODS and defines the scope of the Services/Goods and the Deliverables.
This SOW includes and incorporates the following Appendices:
Appendix A – Service Levels
Appendix B – Form of Acceptance Notice
Appendix C – Form of Deficiency Notice
Appendix D – Change Request Form
1. Definitions
The following terms shall apply to this Scope of Work and shall have the meanings set forth below:(list terms that are not otherwise described in the Agreement, some examples are below)
(a) “Authorised Representative of Purchaser” means any person appointed by Purchaser, including but not limited to the Project Manager that has authority to assign/inspect/accept Services/Goods to/from Contractor.
(b) “Authorised Representative of Contractor” means any person appointed by Contractorto act on behalf of the Contractor.
(c) “Change Request Form” a form detailing a Change Request, substantially in the form set out in Appendix D attached hereto.
(d) “Date of Delivery” means the date on which Contractor is required to deliver the applicable Deliverable or Service/Goods.
(e) “Deliverable” means any materials, information, methods, software, hardware, work, devices, features, functionality, applications or documentation created, produced or developed by Contractorin the course of providing Services/supplying Goods.
(f) “Project” means the all services/goods required by the entire Agreement orthis SOW.
(g) “SOW” means the detailed description of the Services.
(h) “Service(s)” means services identified in this SOW.
(i) “Service Level” means the service level specified in this SOW.
(j) “Party” or “Parties” means either Purchaser or Contractor (as the context indicates) if used in the singular and both Purchaser and Contractor if used in the plural.
2. Requirements, Overview of Services and Deliverables
2.1. Objectives of the Requirement:
Describes what is to be achieved or delivered by the completion of the Agreement.
2.2. Requirements
The requirements describe the tasks or activities to be performed by the Contractor. It also includes a detailed description of what is required for each of the identified deliverables. The description will provide sufficient information so that all parties will be able to understand what will signal completion of a phase or milestone in the work.
1.2.1 Overview of Services/Goods
Contractor will perform the following Services:
1.2.2 Overview of Deliverables.
Contractor will provide the...

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