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Statistical Analysis

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In the unit three individual project, the assignment called to perform a t-test to compare the means of two groups of data. The two sets of data that were chosen are the intrinsic and extrinsic. The intrinsic being the feeling of job satisfaction with the individuals job and extrinsic that of overall satisfaction with the company. The hypothesis contained in the unit three project stated that employees are more satisfied with the job that they perform and are less satisfied with the company that they work for because of certain job policies. The alternate hypothesis is that company policies have no effect on if an employee is satisfied with their job.By taking the sum of both columns and ...view middle of the document...

Job satisfaction is an appraisal of the perceived job characteristics and emotional experience at work. It represents a person’s evaluation of one’s job and work context (Bajpai, Srivastava). Many factors determine an individual’s job satisfaction. They may be satisfied with one or two aspects of their job and be dissatisfied with others. The most important factors for favorable job satisfaction are mentally challenging work, equitable rewards, supportive working conditions, and supportive colleagues (Lock 1976).After evaluating one-hundred bank employee’s each were asked on a scale of one to four with four being satisfied, what is the key contributor to job satisfaction. The null hypothesis is at the average bank the greatest reason for job dissatisfaction is pay. The second reason is working conditions. The third reason for job dissatisfaction in the workplace is employee relationships, and lastly is the company as a whole. The alternate hypothesis would be that dissatisfaction is attributed by the lack of employee relationships alone.Each area inquired for the analysis delivered different conclusions, based on that one hundred people were survey for the project. When each individual was questioned about, different areas were specified to obtain the best conclusion in the gathering of the information. The first area tested was that of overall satisfaction of pay. The mean for this section is 2.970588. The following section questioned the satisfaction of work conditions; the mean of this group is 5.86407767. The third area questioned for the survey was that of employee relationships, the mean of this area is 6.077669903. Lastly, there is the overall happiness with the company. The mean for this area is 3.049019608. Each of the averages...

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