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Provide an appropriate response.
1) Define random sample. Explain why this is important in design of experiments. 1)
2) Define the terms population, sample, parameter and statistic. How does a census compare
to a sample? Define discrete and countinuos data. Define sample stantard deviation and
Form a conclusion about statistical significance. Do not make any formal calculations. Either use the results provided or
make subjective judgments about the results.
3) A manufacturer of laptop computers claims that only 1% of their computers are defective.
In a sample of 600 computers, it was found that 3% were defective. If the proportion of
defectives were really only 1%, there would be less than 1 chance in 1000 of getting such a
large proportion of defective laptops in the sample. Is there statistically significant
evidence against the manufacturer's claim? Why or why not?
Determine whether the given value is a statistic or a parameter.
4) A sample of 120 employees of a company is selected, and the average age is found to be 37
5) After inspecting all of 55,000 kg of meat stored at the Wurst Sausage Company, it was
found that 45,000 kg of the meat was spoiled.
Determine whether the given value is from a discrete or continuous data set.
6) The temperature of a cup of coffee is 67.3°F. 6)
7) The number of stories in a Manhattan building is 22. 7)
8) The number of freshmen entering college in a certain year is 621. 8)
9) The weight of Bill's pack as he sets off on a backpacking trip is 48.3 lb. 9)
Identify the sample and population. Also, determine whether the sample is likely to be representative of the population.
10) In a poll of 50,000 randomly selected college students, 74% answered "yes" when asked "Do
you have a television in your dorm room?".
Use critical thinking to determine whether the sampling method appears to be sound or is flawed.
11) A researcher published this survey result: "74% of people would be willing to spend 10
percent more for energy from a non-polluting source". The survey question was
announced on a national radio show and 1,200 listeners responded by calling in. What is
wrong with this survey?
Determine whether the given description corresponds to an observational study or an experiment.
12) A clinic gives a drug to a group of ten patients and a placebo to another group of ten
patients to find out if the drug has an effect on the patients' illness.
13) A sample of fish is taken from a lake to measure the effect of pollution from a nearby
factory on the fish.
Identify which of these types of sampling is used: random, stratified, systematic, cluster, convenience.
14) The name of each contestant is written on a separate card, the cards are placed in a bag,
and three names are picked from the bag.
Solve the problem.
15) 4) Using a strict interpretation of the relevant criteria

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