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STAT 1023/2037
Practice Questions for Midterm
Western University

Question 1.
Last week, prof. Peter was handing out Halloween
candy to kids visiting her house. One child came to
her door dressed as a box of donuts! Prof. Peter
had never seen this type of costume before, so she
took a quick picture of the costume (with the
parents permission!) so that she could later study
it. When she did go back to study the costume, she wondered what types of donuts were represented.
Prof. Peter collected the data show in the table to the right.
What type of data did prof. Peter collect?
A. Nominal
B. Interval
C. Ordinal
D. Ratio

Question 2.
Many restaurants offer food delivery. Most customers of delivery choose to pay for their order when it
arrives with a credit or debit card; this requires the delivery drivers to have a debit/credit machine to
accept the payment. Restaurants have a choice of company to provide the machine to accept the

Little Panda is a restaurant deciding which company to choose for their machines. They obtain machines
from three companies (TD, Moneris, and BMO), and give them to their delivery driver for use. When the
delivery orders come in for an evening, the restaurant splits the deliveries based on location in the city
(east, west, south, or north end). The restaurant instructs the driver to randomly select a third of the
orders from each location in the city to require payment with the TD machine, a third of the orders from
each location in the city to require payment with the Moneris machine, and the remainder of orders to
require payment with the BMO machine. For each payment, the driver asks the customer to rank the
machine on how easy it was to use (from 1 very difficult, to 5 very easy).
Which of the following statements describes a treatment in this study?
A. A customer paying for their delivery
B. A ranking of 5 (very easy) for the use of a machine
C. The south location of the city
D. The use of the Moneris machine to require payment
Type of donut Frequency
Plain 3
Sour-cream glazed 2
Apple fritter 4
Confetti sprinkles 2
Boston cream 1
Stat 1023/2037 Practice Questions for Midterm
Property of J. Peter (Western University)

Question 3.
Bird species from temperate regions (like
southern Canada) must cope with relatively short
breeding seasons. A study examined the
relationship between blood testosterone level
(ng/mL) and the length of the egg-laying period
(in months) in temperate bird species. The
scatterplot given to the right shows this
relationship, after taking the logarithm (log) of
each variable (a transformation of the data for
statistical reasons beyond the scope of our
What does this scatterplot reveal about the
relationship between the log of egg-laying
duration and the log of testosterone level?
A. A weak negative linear association
B. A strong negative linear association
C. A weak positive linear association
D. A strong posit...

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