Stay Home Dad Vs Stay At Home Mom Elac Arugement

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Rosa Velazquez
Professor Szklarek
English 101
05 March 2019
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Fathers are now taking on an active role in a child’s life, while moms are with the task of begin the family primary caretaker to the children. Mother and fFathers can work because they need to bring food and provide things in the household. Children also need the attention and love from both parents because this can affect emotionally. In the opinion of Quindle, Most women have to work, you know”-it’s an apology for freedom”. (432) Comment by Rosie Velazquez: double check if it is okay for a quote to be in the introduction para. with professor
A stay home dad learn the skills and needs for a care of a child; however some children grow with a home dad to learn to be less stressed, have better social skills and feel less fearful. This proves that father try to stay home because it isit’s a way for a father to know their kids. Father unquie parentally style sometime hard for a the spouse because father sometime can’t figure out what type of situation is going on. Father do bills because without paying those bills everything would be gone and there wouldn’t be any roof top for the children.
A stay home mom is more responsible and has lot in her plate. A mother can be working in the house with work and provide the children with their needs. A mother would have to start every morning and taking them to school, evening activities, homework, dinner, and finally put them to and rest so they are ready fo the next day. The job of a mom is that she spend the time with the child that and that a great bond, but needs to put boundaries to the child and limits. Mother lets say work 7 days of weeks.The parents have two big responsibilities and that is to be there for the kids. They both are there when it comes to consequences of their actions of doing and requires both of them to talk to the child. The child needs a hard and soft hand which he or she can get from either parents. The parents can spend time on weekends to go out or do something as a family which is something beneficial for the spouse. The safe environment that the parents provide where there is no violence, aggression, bad language, and not danger of no other. Environment is something important for a child to feel safe and see that nothing will hurt them as long as both parents are there. Comment by Rosie Velazquez: does this answer: what effect does a stay at home mom have on her children?
The spouse should also not depend on both parents begin there because parents are not internal for life, and they need to cope independent themselves in the real life. Having a child fall is sometime good for a parent because that is a way for the individual to learn from their mistake. The minor need to responsible for own care. Comment by Rosie Velazquez: reword.
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