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Stem Cells Essay

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Stem Cells: A Promise for Advancements in Health Care What is a stem cell? It is a cell that is able to divide for a long period of time and gives rise to other cells ("Intermediate"). They are mostly used in human development when a sperm begins fertilizing an egg, creating a single cell that eventually forms into a whole organism. The fertilized egg, now known as totipotent, has the ability to change into extraembryonic tissues and membranes, postembryonic tissues and organs, and the embryo. Two totipotent cells are created after the first cycle of cell division. Four days after the division, a blastocyst (sphere of cells), is formed. The outer layer of cells makes up the placenta and the outer tissues, while the inner mass cells (pluripotent cells) make up almost all of the ...view middle of the document...

Pluripotent stem cells offer a chance to renew and replace cells and tissues to help cure some diseases such as: diabetes, osteo and rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease, and Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease.Scientists are hoping to cure weak dying hearts by transplanting healthy heart muscle cells made from human pluripotent stem cells. Scientific studies worked on mice and other animals have shown positive outcomes with the healthy heart muscle cells being transplanted into the heart. The heart tissues work with the host cells and prove that muscle stem cell transplantation is possible.Individuals with diabetes contain islet cells that have become interrupted. Islet cells are the cells that produce insulin in the pancreas. Normally these diabetics have to take insulin injections, but there are two alternative choices to avoid taking insulin injections and they are: transplanting the whole pancreas or the remote islet cells. Human pluripotent stem cells produced islet cell lines that can eventually be used for transplantation. Understanding the entire process of stem cells could even lead to the prevention and treatment of birth defects and cancer.For it or against it? I am entirely for it. The ability to go through a technological advancement such as this one is strongly overwhelming. I know for a fact that this will help out an enormous amount of individuals and become one of the most important scientific breakthroughs to this day. I believe that it's very important to continue all types of research related to the stem cell. Although it sounds hard to believe, it has been stated that research on this subject could most likely alter the practice of medicine and improve the quality of life as well as the length. I encourage the scientists to continue with their research and by all means, give it all they've got.

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