Steps To Take When Planning To Eat Healthier With Back Up Evidence. Berea College Research Paper

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Eating Healthier
Alexis Honeycutt
Berea College
The behavior I believe I need to improve on is what I eat. At this point in my life I feel that it is crucial to have a good diet because without it I can become more stressed and even more tired than I need to be. Being in college as it is makes me very stressed and tired. I need to be able to set up a healthy diet and be able to obtain it the entire I am in college. On a daily basis I would not say that I consume foods that are thought to be healthy for me. I spend a lot of mine time eating junk foods because it seems more convenient for me due to the lack of time I have to get the healthier option.
The behavior I have chosen that I would like to change is my eating habits. I do not believe that as of right now I have what would be considered a healthy diet. At this point in my life I feel that it is crucial to have a good diet because without it I can cause me to become more stressed and tired than I need to be. Being in college as it is will make any person very stressed and tired. I need to be able to set up a healthy diet and be able to obtain it the entire time I am in college. On a daily basis I would not say that I consume foods that are thought to be healthy for me. I spend a lot of mine time eating junk foods because it seems more convenient for me due to the lack of time I have to get the healthier option. There are various benefits that can come with changing my eating habits. These include things such as I will ultimately feel better and have more energy. Another benefit is it could potentially help me lose a lot of weight. There are three important ways I plan on changing this behavior which include replacing my unhealthy foods with healthier options, keeping track of the calories I consume, and eat smaller portions.
When working on changing my eating habits one of the first steps I plan on taking is to start by replacing the unhealthy foods that I currently eat with some healthier options. According to Michelle Meadows it is recommended to have two cups of any type of fruit per day at the 2,000 calorie reference diet. (Meadows, 2005) The foods I am currently consuming on a daily basis are not at all healthy for me. I need to learn how to replace all the junk food being consumed with something with less calories and that is healthier for me. When building a better plate you should pile on the vegetables and fruits, go for the good fats, drink enough water, learn to like less sodium, rethink supplements, dine mindfully, replace refined grains, and potatoes with whole grains, eliminate liquid sugars, eat breakfast, and plan for a sn...


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