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store & area.Talked and corresponded with the Taylors who owned the Suttath Mining Co. at Huddy. They are interested in helping"¦.Bob Stultz will send us a picture of the Clubhouse when it burned - also talked with a fellow whose uncle got the credit for starting the fire. I will give him a picture of the burning building to go with his family history.Ruth Collins of Tierney was most helpful. She donated 37 original Red Robin magazines, pictures of Tierney area, Stone Methodist choir, a booklet about the history of Eastern published in 1945, and a picture of #4 mining employees of Fordson.So far am disappointed in the number of family histories we have received"¦Have only received 4 family histories"¦"¦We handed out a lot of literature at Jenny Wiley and hope to receive information from some of those folks.


Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stone

540 words - 3 pages Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Author: J.K. Rowling Type of the book: fantasy story, especially for children but not only The book was first published in Great Britain in 1997. The Edition I read was published in 2000 Main Topics: The book deals with friendships, dreams, adventures; Setting: The Story take place in England (home of J.K. Rowling), anytime could be possible Maincaracters: Harry Potter: a brave

Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone

2150 words - 9 pages appearance was a very thin scar on his forehead which was shaped like a bolt of lightning.' When he turns eleven, he starts his schooling at Hogwarts, school of witchcraft and wizardry, where he learns to fly, becomes friends with Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, and saves the school from Voldemort's evil schemes of stealing the Philosopher's Stone. Although he returns to live with the Dursleys when school is out for summer, he is now aware he can

"Harry Potter And The Philsopher's Stone"

707 words - 3 pages In the British version of--what us American's call-- Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling there are many qualities of the book that are good. To name just a few there is her wonderful plot design, and the fact that Rowling makes great use of forming rounded characters. With Rowling, she knew where she wanted to go with the novel and followed through in a way that was ever pleasing and attention grabbing to the plot. It starts

The History of Olmec Stone Heads - Elmira College/ Mesoamerica - Essay

1104 words - 5 pages made out of one singular type of stone, a giant basalt boulder (Mitchell, 2003). The largest these heads was discovered in La Cabata “it stands about ten feet tall and weighs an estimated forty tons” (Minister, 2018). The Olmec Colossal Stone Heads show the people throughout history that they were incredibly artistic, determined, and highly skilled in crafting tools and other materials out of stone. These stone heads have only been found in four

The Stone Angel, An Essay About Anger And Disappointment

938 words - 4 pages Anger and disappointment can be a source of many things. Hagar's anger and disappointment can be seen from her guilt and her criminal ways. Through Hagar's guilt she feels anger for what she did and disappointment for what could have been.In the first paragraph of the book when she is telling about the stone angel on her mother's grave she states, 'I wonder if she stands there yet, in memory of her who relinquished her feeble ghost as I gained

an essay about a literature piece "Written in Stone" - University of Texas Literature - Essay

532 words - 3 pages Timaka L Brown TLB2665 “Written to Stone” : Good Job President Fenves I think that the decision to remove the statues shouldn’t have taken this long. For years, students of color, and in particular, Black students at the university have voiced their opinions on the matter. They have let the administration know that the presence of these statues is completely unacceptable, especially in a political climate of racism and prejudice. I respect

Stone cold essay year 9 by Robert Swindells 2018 - Auckland grammar - Essay

725 words - 3 pages “STONE COLD” BY ROBERT SWINDELLS Quotations you may wish to use in your Critical Response: “I’m invisible, see? One of the invisible people. Right now I’m sitting in a doorway watching the passers-by. They’re afraid I want something they’ve got, and they’re right.” “We’re living proof that everything’s not all right and we make the place untidy”. “We were a family you know – as happy as most, till Dad ran off with a receptionist in 1991, when

"Living like weasels" Choose a poet and completely analyze one of their essays. From the book, "Teaching a Stone to Talk" by Annie Dilliard

486 words - 2 pages Teaching a Stone to talk. (Living like weasels; by Annie DilliardComing upon a wild weasel, Annie Dillard and the weasel shared something she often still thinks about. Weasels live with necessity, while humans live in choice. She gives you a different approach in life, in the eyes of a common animal. Living in choice is something we all would like to do, like the way all weasels should. A weasel is unpredictable, but obedient to his instinct

About The Stone Periodot, The Birthstone Of The Month Of August

379 words - 2 pages PeridotHave you ever heard of the birthstone peridot? Well, if you haven't I'll teach you a little bit about it. The reason why I'm researching peridot is because my birthday is on August 18, so that makes peridot my birthstone.Peridot comes in the color olive-green, and sometimes comes in a yellowish green. It is very pretty and it looks beautiful on a necklace or as a ring. When rubbed on a piece of glass peridots streak is white, and the

For english we had to write and essay on dear martin - English - Essay

883 words - 4 pages Tomas 1 Kiersten A. Tomas ENG1D-03 Ms. Million 7 June 2018 Struggles A great person once said, "With a little devil on my left shoulder and an angel on my right, both telling me what I should do,". Friendship is a dominant theme in the novel Dear Martin by Nic Stone, but friendships are not always good. Throughout the novel, Justyce struggles with decisions about school, making the right choices, and deals with legal issues. Justyce is

Olduvai Gorge the origin of craftsmanship - UBC Arcl 318 - Research Paper

3073 words - 13 pages this specimen was actually a Homo Erectus), one of the more distant relatives of the modern man. This distant relative, however, had the ability to produce stone tools, which was unprecedented discovery at the time, since all previous finds indicated only the ability to utilize bone. The entire industry of stone making found at the site was named the Oldowan complex, and is considered being the oldest known human stone producing cultural complex

"After Great Pain A Formal Feeling comes" by Emily Dickenson

569 words - 3 pages - The wood was not made for a coffin but is used for it anyway.Line 9- A monument. Stone represents being dead.Line 10- All time is coming near, cutting down.Line 11- Her poems will outlive her life.Line 12- Freezing people, our thinking process.Line 13- Process of death. The death of Emily Dickinson.In "After great pain a formal feeling comes-" Emily Dickinson presents death from the perspective of the bereaved. This poem is written in the third

Biography On JK Rowling And How She Wrote About Harry Potter. Mainly About The Consistent Theme Throughout The First Two Books

649 words - 3 pages arrived in Manchester, she began to work on it immediately. In the year 1996, her book Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, later known as Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, was published. Only 1,000 were printed, and 500 of those went to libraries. She received a grant from the Scottish arts council, which enabled her to write full time. In the story Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of


418 words - 2 pages Free dominates the industry today. With the wide range of tile types available, guides and ratings for porcelain versus non-porcelain ceramic and natural stone tiles can be very helpful and informative, for both designers and consumers alike. The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) website offers an an excellent summary for the beginner.Knowledge about different grout types and applications is critical, and can help one avoid last minute

A study of blacksmiths in medieval times - Dramatic Arts - subclass

650 words - 3 pages heavy suit of armor, the description of the armor is up to you and/or your DM. The Tinkerer’s Armor imposes disadvantage on Dexterity (stealth) checks and has an Armor Class of 17 it’s a magical item but is immune to dispelling effects such as dispel magic and antimagic field. Gauntlets of Titans stone. Also at 1st level together with the Tinkerer’s Armor you construct a set of Gauntlets who are empowered by your tinkering abilities and the magic you