Story About People Who Have Powers! Gravesend Grammar School Creative Writing

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Powers Rock!
Stella’s Double Life!
“Josh, is your sister up yet, we have five minutes left?” mum shouted.
“No, should I wake her up?” Josh asked.
“Should you wake her up? What kind of question is that?” my mum asked.
“Umm… is that a yes?” Josh continued.
“YES, it’s a yes, go wake up your sister,” mum said infuriated. “I just have to tell you everything, don’t I,” she said to herself. Josh ran up the stairs to my room, he opened the door and stared at me. Just before he opened his mouth to shout at me, I got up, but when I got up, everything slowed down. “I’ll never get used to that,” I said to myself. I could see him very slowly opening his mouth; I giggled then ran past him and sped off to the shower. As I stepped into the bath tub, a drop of water slowly came down from the shower. It was really weird to be honest; it didn’t even look like it was moving. As it slowly descended to the ground I looked at it with wonder then I heard Josh say the first word of his sentence, “STELLA…” upon hearing this I touched the shower and immediately it sprang to life. The speed force was coursing through it like wild fire speeding the water up. After my shower I jumped out the bath, dried myself up and headed straight to my room, I saw Josh’s mouth slowly forming his next letters. Since he was in my room I carried him out the room and took him to the kitchen. I then headed back to my room, changed to my school uniform and went to the kitchen where Josh stood there with an angry face not realising where he was. I then grabbed the coco pops (Josh’s favourite cereal) added milk and slotted it into the microwave, as I looked at the clock, the second hand moved by one bit. I then looked back at the microwave. “Wow, it’s only been two seconds,” I said to myself proudly. I used my electric powers to power up the microwave, another second passed as I gobbled up my breakfast. I could tell I was slowing down as a drip of sweat came gradually down from my forehead and dropped onto the table. “WAKE UP NOW, THERE’S ONLY FIVE MINUTES LEFT!” Josh shouted. He looked around as he found himself in the kitchen. “Jheez, I’ll never get used to that,” he said to me.
“You’ve gotten faster you know,” he said again.
“Yeah, I know, but I want to stay fast for a longer period of time!” I moaned.
Stella, you’re lucky to be a speedster even if it is temporal, you should be grateful,” Josh said to me.
“Oooh, looks like someone’s jelly…” I teased.
“I’m not jea…” I said before being interrupted by mom.
“Josh, where are you and your sister, I’ve been waiting in the car for an hour,” mum exaggerated.
“Mom, we’re in the kit…” Josh said as I threw lightning at my feet. His mouth stopped moving struggling to pronounce its next letter. I looked at the clock and even the second hand stood still. I took Josh and sped off to school. On my way out the door, I saw mum, she was waiting in the car except, something was strange. As I went past her, her pupils followed me. It was as if she could actually...

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Story About People Who Have Powers! Gravesend Grammar School Creative Writing

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