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I did not believe in the paranormal until the age of 13 and adhered to a
scientific approach until my parents bought a house in the village. I had a
friend there who introduced me to the rest of the guys. Everything was cool.
Once we were drunk at an abandoned one-story building, we called a
club at night. I drank two glasses of wine, about nothing; I always controlled
myself and went home to sleep. On the way, I stopped at a ruined convenience
store; it was abandoned and without a roof, just a floor and a wall. I stopped; I
saw how the fire was burning near the club, music was playing, and people
were dancing. Suddenly, behind the wall, 10-15 meters away, an unreal sound
was emitted, which is present separately in our world. How so? But like this.
This is not to be confused with anything, and at the same time, you will not
believe it. As if a horse was neighing like a bull. This sound was imprinted in
my head for a long time. But to people, I told them they could not even compile it
together. But it was so clear that it was impossible to confuse. I armed myself
with my phone - a flashlight and, like in horror films, went to see what was
there. Of course, I didn't see anything, BUT in the place where the sound
source should have been, grass, up to my chest ... It was pressed from above
spherically and not completely. It was like a huge invisible air balloon was
placed on top of her, it looked impossible. In short, I notably wet my pants and
went home; this roar did not go out of my head for a week. Nobody believed
I went with my girlfriend in the afternoon to pick up her cow from the
field. The afternoon sunlight covered the whole field. Come here (I told my
girlfriend); there is no cow. We looked for a friend on a forest plantation, and I
went to the river. In that place, the river was, as it were, in a ravine, 5 meters
high. I had about 2 seconds to do this. When my eyes fell on it, it was already
in flight above the water, plummeted sharply, and went under it. It
was 2.5-3 meters long and 1-1.5 meters wide. Completely covered with silvery
scales. Forms - like some jellyfish or stingray, generally flatter in
height, I had never seen anything like it. Spray from his fall flew right up to my
My friend and I were returning home because it was dark, and she was
afraid to walk 100 meters without light between dense trees on a moonless
night - I went to see her off. On our way, there was an entrance to the backyard
of a house, which was blocked by a gate; 60 m before this place, a lamp on a
pole, shined down and a turn. As soon as we got out from under the light of a

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