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1.1 How would you describe the new HR Strategy adopted by Hampton Inn? How does it compare with Hampton’s previous HR strategy
The new HR strategy that Hampton Inn adopted
· Hampton Inn have recently introduced new policy rule which is 100% satisfactory guarantee to gain a distinctive advantage in a highly competitive hotel industry
· This new policy allows employees to make decisions without informing their supervisors while performing their duties. Trust was regained to the employees to do their job better without supervision
· The job descriptions of employees were enriched and they were provided with new job descriptions which entails what their duties require and what they were expected to do on a daily basis
· Employees were provided with training programme which were preparing them with new skills to perform their duties. And the aim of this training was to encourage the employees at every level use this responsibility to make sure that guest are satisfied
· The performance of employees was reviewed on a daily basis and employees were appraised by guest staying at hotel everyday
The previous strategy of Hampton Inn
· Guest were walking away from the Hotel dissatisfied which was a bad experience for the business
· Employees were evaluated based on their job description
· Employees were expected to inform their supervisor before making the guest fill out the long complaint forms.
· Employees were not attending trainings to improve their duties in order to perform well and have excellent customer service
· Employees performance was assessed once per year, there was a lack of performance review
1.2 Distinguish between Hampton’s HR strategy and the HR programme used to implement it. Is the HR programme Hampton chose an effective mechanism for implementing its HR strategy?
1.2.1 Below is the Hampton’s HR strategy
· Career development and training
· Performance management was reviewed on a daily basis
· Job description is enriched
1.2.2 Below is the HR Programme
· Payroll processing company
· Workers compensation
· Employee benefits
· Human resource consulting
· Human resource regulatory compliance
· Human Resource Training
1.2.3 Reason why this mechanism is effective or ineffective
· The mechanism for Hampton In hotel is effective and below are the reasons
1. Aligning business and HR needs
· Before introducing the 100% satisfaction guarantee policy, the guest were dissatisfied with their service which resulted into loss of business reputation. The hotel decided to take on advantage of this informal communication and introduce the new company policy which will attract more guest and provide them with good service delivery to avoid competition
2. Organisational performance
· The reputation was lost and they had to enhance a new opportunities that will impact the business success. The performance management process was set out for all levels of staff within a business. ...


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