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Financial Market Analysis FINC20007 Financial Market Analysis FINC20007
Executive summaryThis report presents discussion about the global financial crisis effect on highly globalised financial markets. It is representing the globalization and integration of financial markets, financial crisis, effects overview, critically analyzing the effects of financial crisis and finally remedial action. The conclusion of the essay clarifies some key points and provides a personal reflection on the topic of the global financial crisis.This financial crisis affected the credit market and shadow banking system, financial institution and public wealth effects which describe the different credit unions, financial institution and on the personal wealth effect with the figures and charts to clarify and analyze the effects on the financial market.At last, the report provides few remedial actions to resolve the situation which caused by this financial crisis includes adopting tight fiscal policy, implementing low interest rates, conducting some microeconomic reforms and offering housing mortgage assistances to make sure that such disastrous crisis do not occur in the future again.Table of Contents11.0 Introduction 22.0 Globalization and Integration of Financial markets 22.1 Courses 22.2 Benefits 32.3 Negative influences 33.0 Financial Crisis 33.1 Introduction 43.2 Courses and Processes 44.0 Effects overview 54.1 Effects on credit market and shadow banking system 64.2 Effects in financial institutions 74.3 Public Wealth effects 85.0 Remedial actions 95.1 Tight fiscal policy and low interest rates 95.2 Microeconomic reforms 95.3 Housing mortgages assistance 106.0 Conclusion 117.0 References 128.0 Appendix 1.0 IntroductionFinancial crises have mediated the operation of financial markets over years. Most noticeably the great depression in 1929-30, the 1970s inflation crises and the banking crises in the 1990s created destruction in the financial markets causing severe interruption. The current financial crisis which emerged in 2007, although the roots were sown much earlier, has been one of the toughest and probably the biggest that financial markets have ever encountered. Referred to as the credit crunch, the impact of the crisis has not only been on the banking sector, but on the real economy as a whole potentially leading to a long and deep recession.2.0 Globalization and Integration of Financial markets2.1 CoursesAs the dramatic technological changes and the subsequent development of means of communication, Globalization has become commonplace since the mid-1980s. Thus the process of financial and economic market integration has been promoted, which has been marked by huge amounts of capital flows among developed and developing countries (Prasael et al. 2003). Various international financial institutions such as the International Monterey Fund (IMF), the World Bank, the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) were develo...


Importance of Leadership in Merger and acquisition - MBA - Discussion Board

1161 words - 5 pages towards production (strong pursuit of achievement, holding high expectations for self and others) and the attainment of results. Men tend to score higher on scales assessing an orientation towards strategic planning and organizational vision. Women tend to be higher on people-oriented leadership skills, men on business-oriented leadership skills. Overall, bosses see men and women as equally effective, while peer and direct assessment rate women

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1750 words - 7 pages , visioning, inspiring c. Building, maintaining, staffing d. Budgeting, controlling, problem solving 14. Simonet and Tett (2012) found that management is distinct from leadership by a. Extrinsic motivation b. Intrinsic motivation c. Strategic planning d. Creative thinking 15. Differences between management and leadership include a. Leaders are emotionally involved, whereas managers have low emotional involvement b. Managers shape ideas, whereas

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2114 words - 9 pages Judah Praise Picar Rev. M. Calhoun Leadership and Ethics April 19, 2019 Jesus on Leadership I will be writing my personal insights about Jesus' leadership through this book. I will use the seven principles of Gene Wilkes in his book called "Jesus on Leadership. There is greatly to applaud in Wilkes re-examination of “Jesus on leadership.” The refocusing on Christian leadership as essential service seeks to obtain the heart of Jesus’ message and

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1604 words - 7 pages desirable productivity and profits based on the assumption of measurability of plan (“STRATEGIC PLANNING”, n.d.). Nevertheless, the fact is that there are full of unpredictable changes and variables in economy, industry, society and market. In this sense, the conventional strategic planning has its limitations as the planning, visioning or forecasting cannot lead to predictable success. For instance, Sony Corporation, once described as Japan’s

Human Resource Management VS Organisational Change

5213 words - 21 pages to HRO will allow the company to focus on strategic, high-return initiatives such as succession planning, organisational design, team effectiveness, leadership development, talent management, performance management and development planning. The most successful transitions to HRO enable the company to achieve the goals that they have set out to achieve (Ceridian, 2007).Change is not a nice, neat, linear process. The steps of successful change in

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2037 words - 9 pages Free PERSONAL LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PLAN (PLDP)-ACTION PLAN (AP) TEMPLATE Name: _____________________________________ Student #:__________________________ Instructor: __________________________________ Date: ______________________________ PLDP DESCRIPTION: A PLDP is done to cause deep reflection, writing, and re-evaluation. There are very few times in our busy lives when we take the opportunity to stop what we are doing to truly reflect. Not

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1232 words - 5 pages Giving Wings to Your Leadership Style | By CLAUDIA PEUS Analysis presented by Enrique Quijano Businesspeople can choose supportive leadership styles, despite apparent pressure to act as authoritarian task masters. Paradoxically, taking a more humanistic management approach often yields greater productivity than harsher styles. One term for such strategic support of employees is: Transformational Leadership. Transformational leadership takes

Six Sigma

529 words - 3 pages continuous quality and process improvement. The Baldrige award also builds upon the very same framework.I would recommend reading this article to future MSSL students. Six Sigma is being used by more and more corporation each year. Any business student will need to have an understanding of this process because they may find themselves working for a company that is using the methodology. I think Six Sigma is very relevant to the study of Strategic Leadership.

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1371 words - 6 pages background in the field in which I workMy dedication to my employer and the strategic goals I have set for my departmentMy "can do" attitude. If I run into a task I cannot complete I will exhaust all of my resources in order to find a way to complete it.The mutual relationships of trust and respect I strive to have with every employeeCurrent leadership weaknesses:Sometimes your greatest strengths are also your greatest weaknesses. I find that my

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539 words - 3 pages 1. What was the main leadership challenge facing Ghosn? There was no indication that Nissan would see increases in either margin or volume of sales to overcome the losses. The next leader of Nissan was either going to turn Nissan around within two to three years, or the company faced the prospect of going out of business. 2. What is the role of the leader in driving change in a global business? When Renault formed a strategic alliance with

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2727 words - 11 pages EXECUTIVE SUMMARYLeadership and decision making style are the most important factors to ensure an effective and efficient organization. The subject of leadership has been under a lot of speculation, while philosophers focus on the determinants of leadership effectiveness. There are so many theories, styles and opinions that are associated with effective leadership. The specifics of what makes a leader effective is hard to pinpoint, however one

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1902 words - 8 pages Big Lots Part 3: Strategic Evaluation and Recommendation Barbara "BeBe" Smith STR/581 Strategic Planning and Implementation April 23, 2019 Dr. Patrick Oldenburgh Jr., Sphr Running head: BIG LOTS PART 3: STRATEGIC EVALUATION AND 1 BIG LOTS PART 3: STRATEGIC EVALUATION AND 3 Big Lots Part 3: Strategic Evaluation and Recommendation Strategic planning entails many intricate facets. One of these complicated facets includes the business level

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2449 words - 10 pages the centre of this idea is the knowledge worker whom may possess, or can be induced to create novel and useful ideas through the implementation of various socio-organisational factors (Dul et al., 2011). These individual creatives can also be referred to as the “creative class”. The umbrella term of socio-organisational work environment can be dissected further into culture and leadership style; and diversity and collaboration. Dul et al. (2011

'There Is A General Reluctance To Examine Ways In Which HRM Can Be Integrated With And Contribute To The Overall Direction Of An Organisation.'critically Discuss

1994 words - 8 pages HRM integration with strategic managementA businesses strategic management decision-making process usually takes place at its top levels, with a strategic planning group consisting of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Chief Financial Officer and Executive members. It is important to note that each component of the process involves people-related business issues. (Noe, R. et al 2003). With this in mind, it is essential that the HRM function

Promotion Marks Ford Motor’s Attempt To Revitalize U.S. Vehicle Development

377 words - 2 pages Free working on building vehicles for the future he calls "utility hybrids" a kind of tall Taurus sports wagon sometime in 2004. This article was also written to outline some of the challenges that Mr. Theodore is faced with in the coming years, such as, his significant leadership task in merging two large groups of engineers that had previously worked independently. He must also between these two groups deliver both a cost savings and a significant