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Strategic Management Report For Tc Company

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Strategic Management Report for TC CompanyExecutive SummaryThis is a strategic management report, aiming to help develop strategies and provide recommendations to TC that is one of the largest online gaming companies in China by collecting information relating to various components of strategic management and presenting an analysis.This report firstly provides an overview of TC, including number of employees, assets, sales, performance, products it provides, location including an organization chart showing the formal structure of the organization. This is followed by an analysis of external macro environment of China's online gaming industry based on PEST model as well as Porter's Five ...view middle of the document...

2). Further, the implementation of strategies is recommended in section 9.Table of ContentsExecutive Summary1. Introduction2. An Overview of TC3. TC's Vision, Mission, Goal and Objectives4. The stage of life cycle of China's online gaming industry5. PEST Analysis5.1 Political Factors5.2 Economic Factors5.3 Socio-cultural Factors5.4 Technological Factors5.5 Summary6. Industry Environment Analysis Using Porter's Five Forces Model6.1 Rivalry among Existing Competitors6.2 Threat of Entrants6.3 Bargaining Power of Suppliers6.4 Bargaining Power of Buyers6.5 Competitive Forces of Substitutes6.6 Summary7. Strategic Group Map8. Internal environment analysis of TC8.1 SWOT Analysis of TC8.2 TOWS Matrix9. Recommendations10. ConclusionsList of referencesAppendix: TC's organizational chart1. IntroductionThis is a strategic management report, aiming to help develop strategies and provide recommendations to TC that is one of the largest online gaming companies in China by collecting information relating to various components of strategic management and presenting an analysis.Relevant data collected for this report is mainly from second data including knowledge and information from textbooks, journal articles, annual reports of TC, Internet, and so on. Such data collected aims to serve both external environment analysis (through PEST model, five forces model and strategic group map) and internal environment analysis (through SWOT and TOWS Matrix).The limitations of this report are listed as follows: First, current China's online game industry is on its fast developing stage, and hence the strategies developed for TC can merely be references for current TC or the near future because of the rapidly changing market.2. An Overview of TCTC founded in 1998 is now one of the largest online gaming companies in China, and went into public by driving into Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Through 10-year development, TC is able to grow their business steadily. Currently, TC is operated by more than 2,000 employees and reported total revenue of RMB2.025 billion in the third quarter of 2008 with profit rate of 40 %, increased by 26.6% than the second quarter (see Figure 1) (TC 2008). Appendix 1 indicates its organizational chart.Figure 1: Revenue Growth of TC (06Q4-08Q3)(: Revenue : Quarter-on-quarter increase : year-on-year increase)(Source:'s online gaming provides chess-card games, casual games, competitive games, and online chatting rooms. Yesteryear, TC launched "C Fantasy", "C Velocity of Sound", and "C Three Countries" that are medium- or large-sized multi-role online games. (TC 2008)3. TC's Vision, Mission, Goal and ObjectivesVision: To be the most popular online gaming company in the future.Mission: To improve human life based on Internet-related technologies and providing excellent online games.Long-term goal: To be the most popular Internet-based...

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