Assignment On Strategic Use Of It In Fed Ex

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-FedEx's Tight Focus on Strategic Information SystemsThis emphasis on IT innovation has gained FedEx a 30 percent share in the highly competitive business to consumer express delivery market, according to Chris Newton, a senior analyst of supply chain strategies for AMR Research in Boston (CIO Magazine, 2001). In my opinion, FedEx knows that without IT their business is liveless. They look beyond transportation from point A to point B but focus on value-added services that they want to put around package movement, especially the ability to see into the movement itself. That is what FedEx has sold successfully selling. In my analysis, this is how they have positioning themselves with clients.The company, which claims to have the only fully automated hub network in the ground package industry as of December 3, 2002 , FedEx also plans to introduce new facilities that will use the most advanced material handling and scann ...view middle of the document...

FedEx is also able to customise their services for special needs and occasions, such as urgent packages even on public holidays such as Thanksgiving, since they use systems such as their Rite Routing systems that provide the best routes through the snow covered roads of North America.-FedEx's IT Capabilities Rated BestDatamonitor's recent survey of top European manufacturers and retailers picked upon very similar themes. Asked to rate their current express provider on six criteria - speed of delivery, price, geographic coverage, IT capabilities, on time delivery performance and customer service - respondents ranked FedEx above its three main global rivals, UPS, DHL and TNT.-Strategic Systems That Deliver Information"Information about the package will soon be just as important as the delivery of that package."Those famous words are the theme of FedEx's strategic systems since their goal is to deliver information on the packages of their customers. With that in mind, systems like PowerShip MC, PowerShip Server, MultiShip, DADS and COSMOS were designed. Due to the straightforward nature of putting a box on a truck or a plane and making sure it gets where it is supposed to go, competition with rivals such as UPS and DHL has come to revolve around information which, in turn, has led to an enviable record of IT innovation by FedEx.The systems developed by FedEx were so inspiringly innovative that FedEx's innovation has led to advances in other industries as well. For example, the shipping giants' obsession with information about packages has been extended to manufacturing, where supply chain data has become more granular than ever. It was in 1996 , that FedEx moved its businesses to the Web: a move that even necessitated their systems to be more strategic as IT becomes a strategic necessity.-Impressive Bottom lines Proves Strategic Use of ITAs at 2002 (InformationWeek), FedEx Corp. obtained revenues of USD$20,607M, and an income of USD$710M. On InformationWeek's 500 companies, FedEx tops the list by employing 5,378 IT


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1134 words - 5 pages beings because of the longer life span of humans.Researchers use animals to learn more about common animal and human disorders. Animals contribute to the growing fund of knowledge about genetics, psychology, and neurology. They are providing valuable in their contributions to the fields of mental illness, drug addiction, and senility.Animal rights advocates challenge the use of animals in research, arguing that besides being inhumane, it is

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1245 words - 5 pages Computing (IT)- essay by matthew foote Will the internet keep the U.K competitive in a world market, in terms of industry? Recently there has been emphasis for electronic business. Judging by IBM's recent advertising campaign you would be forgiven for thinking that launching a company website leads to instant profits. IBM 's portrayal of a grandmother taking her olive oil business from rural Greece into global markets neatly demonstrates the

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1101 words - 5 pages appealed to the environmentally conscious consumers with their bags of help scheme, by helping the communities with green spaces and also saving on the number of disposable bags used by the consumers. With the launch of their fresh foods brand and offering free fruits to children in the stores, it is apparent Tesco is listening to the consumers and placing value on them. Pritt & Koufopoulos (2012) described resources and capabilities and how they

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1095 words - 5 pages Free only is the use of femininity used as a point to set character’s roles in this society but Shakespeare also uses hypermasculinity in order to set the tone of what a male, specifically Hamlet, should be in during this time and how they should adhere to it. When Hamlet was mourning over the death of his father, Claudius comes to him and says In obstinate condolement is a course Of impious stubbornness. 'Tis unmanly grief. It shows a will most

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2180 words - 9 pages Free , 120 of which are outside the USA. Tesla Motors is a public limited company (PLC). This is because of the size of the business. As a result of its size, this means that it would be hard to get enough profit for Tesla if it was owned by a sole trader. Sole Traders have unlimited liabilities and have usually a small business. Tesla have shareholders who have money invested in the company. Being a public limited company means high liquidity. This

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4162 words - 17 pages . This subconscious belief of societal hierarchy and dominance was passed down to Tom, or at least inherited by Tom through is social surroundings, showing that it is inherent in Victorian society.Tom, however, makes more of a connection between objects and man versus just viewing them as a way to show dominance over others. (Carroll, pg 112) Although he does use objects to show supremacy over Maggie when it comes to utilizing things, such as the