Stress In College Athletes And Non Athletes Psychology Apa Style Essay

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Running head: Stress in College Athletes and Non-Athletes
Stress in College Athletes and Non-Athletes
Stress in College Athletes and Non-Athletes
Lakisha Camacho
PSYC104v01 or v02: Introduction to Psychology II
Dr. Pipitone
College of Mount Saint Vincent
February 24, 2019
Our group decided to focus on the stress of college student-athletes and non-athletes. Stress can be defined as emotional levels that affect an individual's mind conflicting with different circumstances. Stress can lead towards all different aspects to affecting an individual such as social ability, injuries, academics, diets, responsibility, etc. As athletes ourselves, we understand the struggle of student-athletes, and how difficult, it is to participate in a sport and handle outside responsibilities. From going to classes all day, being able to eat and running to your game/practice right after class, or missing class due to a game becomes a hardship to student-athletes. From being student-athletes, we would like to understand if athletes versus non-athletes a major difference have when it comes to stress in college. However, non-athletes can also have stress from outside factors like jobs, if for their families, clubs, and transportation needs. Student's athletes and non-athletes create a sizeable comparison between each other because it includes an abundance of factors that display similarities and differences regarding their own stress levels.
The transition from high school to school may be nerve-wracking for any student, however recent proof suggests that athletes could expertise even larger levels of stress thanks to the twin demands of athletics and teachers placed on them throughout their freshman year. Stress has been outlined because the negative feeling that happens once a private feel unable to deal with the stress placed upon them by their setting. For the matriculating freshman student-athlete, these demands could sometimes appear overwhelming. There is a necessary to spot specific sources of stress that considerably have an effect on student-athletes that will disagree from those practiced by the normal non-sport university student. This can be true for the school freshman student-athlete who is facing multiple new challenges arising from athletic, educational and social demands. Several freshmen student-athletes are unprepared to with success cater to these stressors, and information regarding those specific factors resulting in heightened stress levels is crucial within the designing of effective intervention programs. Hence, the aim of this beta study was to spot those stressors known by Division-I freshmen athletes as most current throughout their 1st semester in school. The participants during this study were female and male freshmen students at a private Division-I Midwestern university. Participation during this study was voluntary, and participants were recruited from a needed freshman general education category at the top of...

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