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Stress management
Year after year college students report stress being the number one issues in their academic achievement. Money is the most stressful to adults aged 19-31, and the second most among college students. Millennia’s aged 18-33 are reported some of the highest levels of stress in the United States.
Stress is caused by different situations, for example; picture yourself having to give a speech in front of your class. It may bring tension, and anxiety this feeling being emotional. A stressful physical result include sweaty palms, and panic. Often times feeling anticipation, discomfort from awkward, and challenging situations. Often times we think of stress being a negative thing, on the other hand eustress is a positive stressor. Fro example the feeling you have watching your favorite football team running for the touchdown to make the winning points. However, both stressors affect the body in the exact same ways.
As stress will continue to be a factor in life, your body develops resistant’s towards it. an example is picture a college student stressing out over a exam, knowing he has three more to go throughout the semester. After the second or third time your body is aware of the physical, and emotional feeling you get taking the exam. Therefor, building up resistant’s over time. As your test taking skills improve you will find yourself learning particular set of techniques that will help you stay focus, and relax come test day. So it being safe to say a little stress can be a good thing.
Although, stress can sometimes be a good thing; on the other hand too much stress will affect your health. Exhaustion phase, and allostatic overload is when stress becomes unmanageable; and persistent. Your homeostatic mechanism, known for helping you adapt to stress eventually becomes broken. You will start to feel lack of motivation, frustration, and so on. Allostatic overload is the wear, and tear your body takes after repeated high levels of stress.
You may start feeling fatigue, lying awake at night, headache, upset stomach, change in sex drive, dizziness, and so on. Therefor, creating chronic stress syndrome; which affect nearly all your body systems. Other results include cardiovascular system, digestive system, weight, immune system, sleep, relationships, mood, mind, and mental health.
1. Financial stress: how are you going to pay your student loans.
2. Daily hassles: not enough time in the day to finish your tasks.
3. Academic pressure: the pressure of doing well in school.
4. Job related: that one coworker or unreasonable demands.
5. Social stress: worrying on the opinions of others.
6. Major life events: a break up or death.
Consider a counselor talking help’s your mental health, and what better way to do so than with a mental health professional. Also talk to your doctor to confirm if you have depression or severe anxiety doctor’s can prescribe medication. Remember to keep in mind stress is something we can control. Step back and look at your options. Managing your time also is a huge factor. The schedules in our day already throw a lot at us, therefor; planning the day ahead keeps us prepared.

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