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Strong Hope "The Difference Between Despair" by Emily Dickinson focuses on the ideas of fear and despair. At first reading the poem is entirely about hopelessness. There is reference to a wreck, along with fear, and despair. While taking a deeper look you can see some hope glimmering in the last sentence. Dickinson puts on a show of sad realities that she later undermines with the a twisted sense of hope using a play on words. Dickinson uses careful word choices in this poem to get her idea of unhappiness across. Dickinson uses fear and despair in perfect chronological order. Fear being " a feeling of agitation and anxiety caused by present ...view middle of the document...

"Something shattered or dilapidated, a person who is broken down or worn out" (1557). You can not experience despair until you have encountered the fear of a wreck. Moving on to the second stanza of this poem you believe you have left the fear and despair behind and moved onto contentment and an inanimate object. When one is "contented" one is "satisfied with things as they are" (300). This word has to do with a feeling far before fear or despair, it has to do with hope. In the text Dickinson says "Contented as the Eye upon the Forehead of a Bust- That knows- it cannot see-" (6-8).A bust resembles a person made to be stiff and hard, unbreakable, unable to think. The eye of this bust is content, but it cannot see what is in front of it. In a way the bust represents a type of hope, a not knowing. By using the bust to symbolize hope Dickinson has turned her idea of fear and despair to a secondary feeling. It shows that in all saddening experiences there is still the idea of hope if not a glimpse of it. The word bust is surrounded by strong meaningful words that have a life all their own. Dickinson has capitalized the words as if they were names of people. These words are noticed by the reader causing them to use those words to interpret the meaning of the poem. The poem itself is only eight lines leaving a slight incomplete feeling, which leads you to analyze the poem long after reading it. Dickinson's poem needs to be carefully looked into to find a true meaning.


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1145 words - 5 pages what the bird does, how it reacts to hardship, where it can be found, and what it asks for itself. The poem opens with a metaphor, “‘hope’ is the thing with feathers.” Here, the speaker is referring to hope as a bird with feathers which are soft and gentle to the touch but are also strong in flight, even on tiny birds. This opening line not only sets the cheerful tone for the rest of the poem but also paves the way for the many examples of

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930 words - 4 pages . Henry's best compliment on her appearance after she has changed is: "You look strong enough to break a calf over your knee, happy enough to eat it like a watermelon”. This unflattering remark on her appearance doesn't do much for Elisa's ego as a woman. Her hope is finally crushed when she sees the flowers on the road. She feels devastated by the tinker's thoughtless rejection of her very soul. He, like her husband, has failed to appreciate the very

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376 words - 2 pages Free In the Star Wars Trilogy, Luke Skywalker and his father Darth Vader go through many changes and come out with a total transformation in Episode IV. These changes are mostly for the better. In a way, they do not really change or transform, they only become who they really are. In Episode III, A New Hope, Luke Skywalker is introduced as a whinny laborer for his aunt and uncle. He never wants to do what he is told to do. He doesn't want to

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1544 words - 7 pages foreshadow bigger events in the future. This play  discusses highly important ideas like being hopeful and positive in a war torn country and the  ideas of sexism. This play shows the importance of hope and positivity through showing an  audience the juxtaposition between a child’s thought’s in a 3rd world country and thoughts of  a person living a normal life. This play also highlights the DAMAGE sexism CAUSES towards  women and girls. In this play

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424 words - 2 pages to write his poems. In this poem, it’s about a little African American boy who lived with a family that was having company over. When company comes over the boy has to go eat in the kitchen. The little boy is upset and wants to make a difference. Towards the end of the poem you can see that the boy is determined to never give up or lose hope. “They send me to eat in the kitchen” (Levine, 872). The kitchen symbolizes a place of less importance

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536 words - 3 pages I stared into the eyes of my enemy, dumbfounded by the pain and misery they have caused us. Their facial expressions are as cold as steel. They have no accountability for the sins they have committed. They have separated families. Orphans roam the street in feeble hope of justice. Mothers walk with pained eyes, thinking of the children they have lost to bullets and slaying. They moan and express whimpers and hurt cries, but still manage to show

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899 words - 4 pages Indigenous culture in Canada is present and strong despite the attempted cultural genocide it had to endure. Through the use of symbolism, Aaron Paquette is sending the viewer a message of hope in his painting ‘Seven Grandfather Teachings’. He is referring to the European Settlers’ attempted assimilation of First Nations people in Canada. The attempt was vicious and calculated. Indigenous children were taken away from their families. They were

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733 words - 3 pages human rights to develop the theme, the compelling characters, the understandable use of pathetic fallacy and Marsha Forchuk uses her talent to tell a story about the past to explain to younger generations an important part of history this story took place in Adana, Turkey in the year 1915. Nobody’s Child ​by Marsha Skrypuch is a wonderful novel because of Mariam a Turkish girl has a really strong faith and hope because even though Mariam and the

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671 words - 3 pages persevere and stay strong just like the people. I have decided to interpret this piece in a unique way by using boiled egg shells. In total I used 6 egg shells to represent the chaos and broken pieces of the building scattered along the floor and walls creating a 3D effect. I thought this would be an interesting idea to try and that it fitted the mood of this piece. The colours I used were similar to the original painting and I tried to recreate the vibrant colours used to make you feel as if you were there, standing in the middle of the chaos and confusion, but also surrounded with hope. I used Acrylics to paint over the egg shells to finish off.

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501 words - 3 pages , Pi helped him to get on board and slowly, he started developing a bond with him. ''Richard Parker! Don't give up, please. Come to the lifeboat…Swim, swim! You're a strong swimmer. It's not a hundred feet…can you believe what has happened to us? Tell me it's a bad dream. Tell me it's not real.'' Most profoundly by being stranded alone on a boat with Richard Parker, the tiger, it's one of the number of ways. Although they don't have a very cuddly

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569 words - 3 pages pray because their god is someone they confide with. At that point in time Whitman was probably starting to doubt the real existence of God. He may have lost faith in God, by God not doing what Whitman prayed for.Whitman was a strong and powerful writer that enables us, today, to understand the hardships and surroundings of life from a different perspective. It is the outlook of the present life that gave hope to Whitman. It was in the after-life

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558 words - 3 pages comes unfairly. The wealthy parents are going to use their extra money to give their children an easier financial path. This easier path can be a really strong obstacle in order to get rid of class divisions. Wealthy people would not want their children to suffer and create their own future rather they would give all the unfair advantages they can provide just to make their children’s lives easier. When it happens the children are not part of

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1228 words - 5 pages Free lifeboat in the Pacific Ocean with a bengal tiger, rationalizes his situation by operating on every ultimatum he encounters: “Survival had to start with me. In my experience, a castaway's worst mistake is to hope too much and do too little” (Martel, 186). While life-preserving action is necessary to survive inevitable death, a strong faith in the impractical ultimately leads Pi to salvation. To be delivered from sin, Pi must liberate himself from

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1793 words - 8 pages beautiful dress and leisurely applies her make-up. She is looking forward to her evening with her husband. She hopes Henry will recognize her needs as a woman and provide her with the romance and excitement for which she longs. However, this hope is quickly dashed. Henry's best compliment on her appearance after she has changed is: "You look strong enough to break a calf over your knee, happy enough to eat it like a watermelon" (246). This unflattering