Structural Changes In The Canadian Economy York University What Caused Rise In Homelessness In Canada?

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What were the structural changes in the Canadian economy and the fundamental shift in social policy that caused rise in homelessness in Canada?
When people walk down the street and look around, they do not see different kinds of shops, or performers, but people who are homelessness. Homelessness is a social problem that has always existed and is getting more and more serious in Canada. There are two main reasons for the rise in homelessness which are the structural changes in the Canadian economy that are related to housing, welfare and funding and the fundamental shift in social policy that related to the neoliberal government. Then let's take a look at these two important reasons.
“Historically, Canadians whose resources were insufficient to meet their needs have been entitled to income assistance from employment insurance or social assistance programs…” (Gaetz, S. & Dachner, N. & Tarasuk, V. & Kirkpatrick, S., 2006, No.58). A long time ago, even though some of the citizen did not have enough income to support their needs, they could receive assistance from the insurance and programs of government. Also, government provided affordable housing for those people. But during 1990s, federal and provincial funding was reduced, and houses were stopped providing in some region. At the same time, it was increasingly difficult for people to get eligibility for assistance, especially for low-income families. “In Ontario, for instance, welfare rates were cut by 21% in 1996, at the same time as funding for social and health services were drastically reduced.” (Gaetz, S. & Dachner, N. & Tarasuk, V. & Kirkpatrick, S., 2006, No.58). This sentence indicated that the government wants to save money and raise the economic level, but it does not pay much attention to low-income people. This led to a growing gap between the rich and the poor, and low-income people will become homelessness. “...


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