Struggle With Cultural Identity Cse 120 College Now Class Essay

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Passang Lhamo
CSE 120 - College Now Reading Biography
Journal on my struggle with “cultural identity”
I was born in India, but my grandparents and ancestors were all from Tibet. When China
invaded Tibet in 1959, my grandparents had to flee their country and seek refugees status in
India because it is the nearest country they could travel.
When I was 8 years old, I remember my grandfather telling me the story on how they
escape from China. At that time they could not take any jewelries because they know that they
have to travel miles and miles walking and they don't want to carry such heavy things with them.
They have to leave everything behind to survive. Instead they took some foods to eat on the way
and some clothes to warm up for the severe winter season. It took more than 4 months for them
to reach India. They got separated from their relatives and wives. In the end, they ended up living
in India. India is located next to the Tibet when you see it on the map.
While growing up, I had this issue where I could not understand if I am Tibetan or
Tibetan Indian. Despite being born in India, I was not considered a citiz...


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