Student Athletes Should Be Paid Illinois State University Com 110 Essay

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Austin White
Outline for persuasive speech
Purpose: To persuade the audience to support of the NCAA paying college athletes
Thesis: The NCAA should come to terms and pay their athletes
Claim: Policy
Organizational Pattern: Problem Solution
Attention Getter: Shabazz Napier, an ex-UConn guard, last season just finished one of the best one man performances in the NCAA tournament history, winning the championship against Kentucky in 2014. It was a great day for both the UConn and the NCAA. Both the school and the NCAA make millions of dollars off players such as Napier shining in front of the National spotlight. After winning the championships you might think Napier was having fun celebrating. Think again. A couple days after the biggest moment of his life, he told reporters that he sometimes goes to bed starving because he simply cannot afford food, despite the fact that UConn’s student athlete guidelines include provisions of meal plans. How can he go starving at a time when the school and NCAA is making millions off his back? How can he go starving if there are guidelines for meal plans?
Relevance: The sad truth is that Napier is only one of thousands of student athletes who continue to struggle to buy food, buy clothes, or even have enough money to go out to social outings as most students do. According to authors Mitchell, Horace, and Marc Edelman. "Should College Student-Athletes Be Paid?” Over 86% of the student athletes in the NCAA such as Napier live in poverty. Coaches are getting paid seven figure contracts and the NCAA College sports industry generates $11 billion in annual revenues which are steadily increasing, yet they continue to say that they can’t pay student athletes.
Credibility: As an ex-student athlete here, I have always taken an interest on this topic. Additionally I know what student athlete life is like and the difficulty and struggles they go through.
Thesis: The NCAA should pay their athletes
To fully understand why the NCAA should pay athletes, I will first analyze the flaws with what happening with the NCAA and the student athletes and then specify why paying athletes can solve their problems.
Transition: To start off, I will discuss on why student athletes under the common law are considered employees.
II. Body
A. According to two Michigan State law professors Amy and Robert McCormick, under common law student athletes are considered employees and is proven so by passing them under three test of the common law for them to be employees.
1. The first test the student athletes pass to make them employees is “the right to control person activities.” The second test is whether the person or athlete in this case is compensated which in this case an athlete has a scholarship but is making the school money and the NCAA. Then finally the last test whether that person or athlete is economically dependent on the compensation. All were found on Cooper, Kenneth J. "Should College Athletes Be Paid to play?" Diverse:...

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