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This is NOT a script or an exact reflection of the order of your investigation, but more as a checklist to make sure that you are covering the essential elements in each Strand of the investigation.

Introduction General Overview.

1 (a)
What is your task about generally?

What is the data you have been presented with?

What is the general area of your investigation? (Intelligence, height/weight, How to win the Lottery? ) Which general data will prove useful? Which data not so useful?

Talk about the types of date you will or wont be needing eg. Quantitative, categorical, Discrete or continuous.


1 (a)
What are the Hypothesis you will be investigating?

Give an overview of how your investigation will progress by linking the hypothesis together to give a flowing investigation, rather than a disjointed set of mini investigations.

1 (a)
What questions are you hoping to answer that will help prove or disprove your hypothesis?

1 (a)
What do you expect to find, why do you think this will be so?

1 (a)
Background research.

Is there any statistical research already available surrounding your hypothesis?

What research may be useful in your investigation?

Plan of Action Data Collection 1 (a) What data is relevant to your hypothesis? Why?

1 (a)
How much data will you collect/use? Why do you think this is sufficient?

1 (a)
Will you need to collect additional data or calculate additional values from the data given (eg BMI, Average KS2 Score? ) How will you do this?

1 (a)
Will you be taking a sample?

What type of sample is relevant? Why is it better than others?

How will you achieve this to avoid bias?

1 (a)
What problems might you have collecting the data?

How will you identify rogue values? How will you deal with these?

How will you identify outliers for each of your hypothesis? What will you do with these?

How will you deal with missing data?

How will you deal with duplicated data?

1 (a)
How will you record/manage your data/sample?

Plan of Action Processing & Representing data For each Hypothesis, you need to cover the following.

1 (a)
Do you need to group the data?

Do you need to put the data into tables? Grouped frequency? Cumulative Frequency?

1 (a)
What statistical calculations are you planning to do?

How will you do these?

How will these help prove your hypothesis?

Why have you chosen each technique? Why is it better than an alternative technique?

1 (a)
What statistical diagr...

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