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Opinion ParagraphThe internet is a very resourceful and useful tool for highschool students. With the internet students can access information from any computer with internet access, transfer data and use a large variety of online resources that are in more depth than high school text books.Information resources such as web sites and online Libraries can be accessed from any computer, with internet access. A computer with internet access can go online to a website that a student may have access at home or at school. With a student being able ...view middle of the document...

Programs such as online messengers and e-mails can be used to communicate. Communication that is done over the internet is very fast and unlike the telephone can be used to transfer data such as work done on the computer. The quality of transferred data is in the same shape as it was when it was sent to another computer. With students being able to transfer data quickly and reliably with each other, they will be able to work with positive in croups.There are large numbers of resources that can be found on the internet, these resources are often in more depth than a high school text book. When a internet user goes online to a search engine such as google and types in a topic thousands of links relevant web sites show up. With all of these resources available the amount of information that a student can use is endless and in more depth than high school textbooks. With a large number of in depth resources on the internet a student can achieve a grade of high standards.With the internet as a fast reliable and safe resource at a students disposal, the input and information in a students homework and assignments with be of great quality, filled with information. The number of great tools and possibilities available to students on the internet is endless and should be used by every one.


A Study On The Internet Browsing Behavior Of Senior Filipino High School Students

2071 words - 9 pages the ones which are maybe more into the real world rather than the virtual world.V.Findings from the survey resultsWe can see that the browsing behavior of most male highschool students is to play games most probably MMOGs. This is because men are very competitive among each other. The female students on the other hand go into the more social aspect in the internet by engaging on social networking sites, chatting and mail. They mostly do this for

Operating System Common On The Internet

1401 words - 6 pages named Linus Travolds. With the help of many programmers, often called hackers? Linux has surprised many people by being a stable, high quality system that has little central control.The kernel is the heart of an operating system, and when most people refer to Linux, they are talking about the kernel and not the whole system. On a Linux system, the user is more in touch with the kernel, mainly because he/she can do whatever they want to it legally

The study of the impact that students have on school breakfast participation - Gov - Gov

1775 words - 8 pages School Breakfast Program Participation A study of the involvement and contributions that students have on federally funded programs. Steven Lewis Many households involving children who have working parents emphasize the importance of breakfast as being the most important meal of the day. This specific saying may sound a bit cliché but has evident truth to it as well. Especially if children must wake up early in the morning to prepare for their

Describing the peer pressure on students at any level of education in Japan

514 words - 3 pages for students who have dropped out of school. While high school students may find part-time jobs or gradually be absorbed into working-class life, students who become disconnected from school in their junior high school years have nowhere to go. So, in order to get job, students must work hard to graduate school and go to college. Also, most Japanese students don't want to "lose" to their friends by getting lower points on the various tests and

The Effect of Social Media on Students' Political Ideologies and Opinions - Cal Poly Slo, Engl 148 - Technical Report

5180 words - 21 pages 1 Running Head: INFLUENCE OF SOCIAL MEDIA ON POLITICAL OPINIONS AND AFFILIATION The Effect of Social Media Content on Influencing Political Opinions and Affiliation Among College Students Isabella Bacino California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo English 148 Walters February 12, 2018 INFLUENCE OF SOCIAL MEDIA ON POLITICAL OPINIONS AND AFFILIATION 2 Introduction Across the United States, college students are becoming increasingly more

An essay on why the pledge does or does not help students' education and the educational system. - Woodland Hills Academy / English - Essay

448 words - 2 pages Free Amaya, Clelia Period 1 5/22/2017 To Pledge or Not to Pledge Students in American public schools should not be required to recite the “Pledge of Allegiance” everyday. First of all, repeating the “Pledge of Allegiance” on a daily basis does not signify that the values within the pledge are true or genuine. Dale Kennedy, an eighth grade teacher at Thomas Law Reed School, argues that not reciting the “Pledge of Allegiance” each day can cause “… our

Literature Review Report on Internet Addiciton - University of Texas at El Paso RWS 1302 - Report

1461 words - 6 pages online video games that really pushed for a scientific study and raised a greater awareness on internet addiction. Many studies have been done to conclude why internet addiction is so prevalent nowadays. Since then many options to cure internet addiction have been made available to those in need. This literature review will cover the causes and effects of Internet addiction and what can be done to prevent and cure it. Literature Review: Internet

Interactive Technology in the Classroom - Texas Southern BADM 101 - Research Paper

496 words - 2 pages Nowadays, technology has been the most significant change in teaching and learning that we will ever see in classrooms. Computers, tablets, and new technology surround student’s lives, except when they are inside of a classroom. On my point of view, schools have to have sufficient technology infrastructures to support their students because many students cannot afford a computer for school usage. With technology in classrooms, students can have

worldwide web all about the internet - bccc - researcher paper

1158 words - 5 pages another but was itself a “web” of information that anyone on the Internet could retrieve. Berners-Lee created the Internet that we know today. Since then, the Internet has changed in many ways. It allowed users to see words and pictures on the same page. That same year, Congress had decided that the Web could be used for commercials. As a result, companies of all kinds started to set up websites of their own to sell goods directly to customers

It is okay, review that person’s content without his or her permission - ESL - Essay

602 words - 3 pages because of what they have on social media. Everyone has their freedom of speech on the Internet. An undergraduate at Pitzer college in Claremont, Calif, who is prospective student got notification that admissions office noticed he had posted offensive comments about one of his high school teachers. Teens are the more emotionally than adults, and in that case school admission didn’t ask him what actually happened between student and teacher. One

Conducting effective research using the Internet

419 words - 2 pages In the article, The age of clutter: Conducting effective research using the Internet, by Charles J Fornaciari and Maria F Loffredo Roca (pg. 732), an argument is made in the case of students becoming overloaded with information. There is a perception that the more information you have the better decisions you will make. This article explains the problems and proposes effective strategies for students to gather information from the Internet.On

Digital Divide and Digital Inclusion - Script Digital - Essay

879 words - 4 pages single student, who lacks internet access outside the school continues the homework gap. When student cannot rely on adequate Internet access, they must continue to support old work habits and processes in addition to the new, digitally based processes. Of course, not all schoolwork will be digital, but for those learning experiences that are, a lack of access is costly. As teachers, you can ask yourselves: · Are you aware of students who have

Dressing diversities in Public Schools - ICC/ Comp 1 - Essay

1275 words - 6 pages Free outfit for school is just right. Danielle Dreilinger says, “School uniforms make schools safer for students, create a ‘level playing field’ that reduces socioeconomic disparities, and encourages children to focus on their studies rather than their clothes.” If students were required to wear school uniforms, it could help them to focus more on their studies and possibly improve their test scores because they will limit the amount of time students

Whether high schools should establish, maintain, or remove a honor code system - English - Essay

1232 words - 5 pages  successful honor code is the students ' requirement to report cheating they are witnessing. This puts unnecessary stress on students who are forced from their peers to cross social boundaries and risk harassment. Following Source F, some schools that have honor codes allow students to take their exams without exam proctors present. This will allow students to rely on peer monitoring to control cheating. The honor code system proves that this system

This essay under the headline "THE READER AND THE COMPUTER SCREEN" tells about the disadvantages of studying on-line

404 words - 2 pages Access to the Internet continues to grow around the world, and the main users are students or people searching for some kind of information. Recently, plenty of online courses have been created, and a lot of books are available in the Internet. So nowadays the Internet is considered to be the main, the most important and the most convenient way of getting information. But is that really so?In my opinion, there some basic differences between