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Students' Rights And Teachers' Responsibilities Scenario

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Students' Rights and Teachers' Responsibilities ScenarioThe School Board is the exclusive owner of any public school building and any desk or locker utilized by any student contained therein or any other area that may be set aside for the personal use of the students. Any teacher, principal, administrator, or school security guard employed by the school board, having a reasonable belief that the public school building, desk, locker, area or grounds contain any weapons, illegal drugs, alcoholic beverages, nitrate based inhalants, stolen goods, or other items, the school reserves the right to search the students locker (Mczeal, 2004). Students have the right to protection from unlawful ...view middle of the document...

If reasonable cause is presented, and there is a threat for weapons, or drugs on campus, school officials should have the right to search the student's locker to maintain the safety of other students and school personnel. Safety should always over ride student rights when it comes to locker searches.Students should be given a student handbook from every school to make them aware of the policies and procedures of student conduct. With the students being aware of such policies and having a parent's signature, and student signature if necessary, the student in turn agrees to adhere to student policies.Privacy is considered to still be a right of the student, regardless of whether or not a locker search is found reasonable, or not. Therefore, Locker searches should be done privately, but with all necessary personnel available, such as police, principal, student, teacher and any other personnel that may be required.As a teacher, my responsibilities will influence students to be aware of what they bring on campus. Knowing this, may change their attitude about drugs, weapons and other items that may cause harm to another person, or themselves. Being aware of my surroundings at all times would be necessary to maintain the safety of campus personnel and students. All teachers would have to practice the same approach in order to maintain a healthy and safe environment.A situation where a student's right might override a teacher's responsibility is when the student's belonging are in question of being searched. Though the locker is school property, the student has a right to say no to someone wanting to search their backpack or personal belongings, such as a purse or wallet; this is where proper authorities are called in, if it is found necessary to...

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