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Studying a language is a hard thing to do. Many people want to learn a new language. It may be important for their job or school. There are many ways to study a new language. Some people like to study a language in their home country. Other people may prefer to study a language abroad outside their own country. I personally prefer to study a language abroad. There are several reasons why I prefer to study abroad. When you study abroad it can be more exciting. Also, you may learn the language faster. Furthermore, you can learn about a new culture.
First, when you study a new language abroad it can be more exciting. You are meeting new people and seeing new places. It can be so much fun eating new food and going out to interesting places. When you study abroad you can have such exciting experiences as you learn the language. You can go to museums or even discos and restaurants and practice the new language you are learning. For example, I am learning English and I am living in one of the most exciting cities in the world, New York. I have been learning a language and having a wonderful experience.
Second, when you study a new language abroad you can learn the language faster. Everywhere you go you may have to use the new language to communicate. While you are shopping, or having dinner at a restaurant you will be forced to use the new language. For instance, I went out dancing in some clubs in New York. While I was out dancing I had to speak a lot of English to talk to girls at the club. Moreover, I had to use English to order drinks. My speaking skills have been improving so fast since I came to New York to study English.
Finally, when you are studying a new language abroad you can learn so much about that new culture. You can learn so much vocabulary that is connected to the customs and traditions and fashions in that country. In fact, living here in New York I have learned so much about “Hip-Hop” which is an important part of American culture. I have a...


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