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Isaiah Watson
Final Exam
Part 1
1. The five bones are what characters in a story have for readers to be able to connect with them throughout the plot. The five bones are important to storytelling because, without them, authors wouldn't be able to create characters in a real perspective.
4. The Hottest Thought is the most intense and most motivating thought a character has before taking a dramatic action. It's the thought that creates the climax of a plot. Each moment leading up to it hurts more than the next one and eventually, the hero reaches the Hottest Thought.
5. Similar to the hottest thought tragedy refers to a series of unfortunate events by which one or more of the literary characters in the story undergo several misfortunes, which finally lead to a disaster.
6. Comedy is a type of literary drama that is intentionally funny. Authors of comedies use devices like satire, farce, situational irony, and dramatic irony to enhance the humor in a story.
7. Melodrama is a subgenre of drama. They deal with sensational and romantic topics that appeal to the emotions of the common audience.
9. Modernism was an era in literature popular from the 1910s into the 1960s. This period of literature came into its own due to increasing industrialization and globalization after the two traumatic world wars.
11. The third person is a type of point of view and it consists of different perspectives. Two of those perspectives are Close and Distant views. A close third person is when the narrator only knows the thoughts and feelings of one character. Distant a limited third-person POV is one that doesn’t deal with omniscience and keeps the narrative to only one character’s perspective at a time.
Informative Answers
18. Postmodernism is a movement away from the apparent objectivity of Modernism, which provided by omniscient third-person narrators, fixed narrative points of view, and clear-cut moral positions. Post rejects boundaries between the forms of art, rejects rigid genre distinctions, parody, irony, and playfulness.
19. The similarities between the five bones and the hottest thought are that the structure of the plot plays a major role. It really deals with the characters ...


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