Study Notes For The Apprenticeship Of Duddy Kravitz By Mordecai Richler

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Duddy Kravitz Notes? Cosmopolitan? Cultural You can walk into other culture and take part in it? London = Perfect Example? Montreal Truest example in Canada? Toronto & Vancouver Ethnic Groups? West India & African Recently Can speak French and get Immigration Quebec is the only province w/ control over immigration? Bush is mad bout it? Jewish? Irish? English Gov. (from after French were defeated) Lures of Montreal? French Speaking? European Flavour? Roman Catholic? Business? Mordecai? Recently Died? ...view middle of the document...

Cox Wants Students to be his "friends"? Room 41 Failure Class? Outremont Rich ppl street that successful ppl go (FFHS)? Writing Elements? Subsections? ? Plot? Merit Cards Dingleman won merit cards (4) Nearest to the wall Stopped system of merit cards? Extra Understanding Notes? Cold Water Flats No warm water Bottom level is stores Apartments on top? FFHS = Fletcher's Field High School Public School Used to be Jewish? More non-Jewish after Jewish ppl leave? Ghetto When you make it, you leave Try to get it MacPherson's earliest student's kids didn't go to FFHS? Moved to Outremont? Goy = Yiddish to mock Gentiles? 2 Things Immature Kids Do Safety in Numbers It was only a Joke?

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