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Study Notes On Nostradamus; Outline Of A Term Paper

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Nostradamus·is it possible to see into the future? Many believe that a man named Michel de Nostradamus could. His predictions have baffled scholars for over 400 years. Nostradamus made over 1,000 predictions and according to historians, half of them have already come true. The most shocking of his predictions deal with the coming of 3 Anti-christs.·My paper will focus on these prophecies made by Michel de Nostradamus.-it is important to know a little bit about nostradamus' life to judge how reliable he is with his predictions.-He was born in 1503 in St Remy de Provence, France.-Brought up as a catholic, he was an excellent student and attended the university of Montpelier ...view middle of the document...

Each volume has 100 predictions written in 4 line verses (quatrains)-wrote in French but mixed in latin greek and anagrams to protect himself from superstitions.·interpretations and predictions of anti christs are based on english translation of his prophecies·throughout his quatrains he speaks of 3 powerful leaders that he calls antichrists. He said they would lead their ppl thru reigns of terror after seducing them with promises of greatness-NAPOLEON was the first of these ANTICHRISTS."An emperor shall be born near italy. Who shall the empire dear. They shall say with what ppl he keeps company. He shall be found less a prince than a butcher."- napoleon was considered a butcher by even the ppl that supported him.. and he definitely caused the empire dearly in both manpower and political strength."A great troop shall come through Russia. The destroyer shall ruin a city. The rear guard will make defense. The exhausted ones will die in white territory."- nos refers to napols destruction of Russia, and how they got stuck in the Russian winter."The captive prince, conquered, is sent to elba."-napol was exiled to da small island of elba.-SECOND ANTICHRIST: HITLER was the second antichrist nos wrote about " a man stained with murder, the great enemy of the human race, one who was worse than any who had gone before, bloody and inhumane." Experts agree that he was definitely referring to adolf Hitler."Out of the deepest part of west of europe. From poor ppl a young child shall be born, who with his tongue shall seduce many ppl. His fame shall increase in eastern kingdom"-adolf was born in Austria, with poor parents, definitely seduced ppl..and even reached the ppl of easter empire of japan."beasts wild with hunger will cross the rivers and the greater part of the battlefield will be against hister"-experts think that he was...

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