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Study Skills "20 Questions And Answers"

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1.What are the 3 stages of memory? Explain each.Stage 1: Encoding: is a process of acquiring information.Stage 2: Storage: occurs when information is stored.Stage 3: Retrieval: is the process of getting at and using information held in storage.2.What are the 5 learning styles? Briefly explain each in complete sentences.Part One-Social or Independent Learners: Social learners tend to be people-oriented and enjoy personal interaction. Independent learners prefer to work and study alone.Part Two-Spatial or Verbal Learners: Spatial learners are able to visualize or mentally see how things work or how they are positioned in space. Verbal learners tend to rely on verbal or language skills.Part ...view middle of the document...

Step 4: Evaluate Possible Solution Paths. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each, Consider how, when, and where you can accomplish each, Consider whether you have the time, money, skills, knowledge, personal contacts. Consider both immediate and long-term results of each solution.Step 5: Choose a Solution. Compatibility with your life goals and priorities, Amount of risk, Practicality.Step 6: Evaluate Your Solution. Check to be sure that you solution path is working.4.What are the 5 types of specialized maps? Describe each briefly.1.Timelines: Sequence or order of events.2.Process Diagrams: Charts that depicts the step, variables, or part of a process will make learning easier.3.Part and Function Diagrams: Classification. Courses that deal with the use and description or classification of physical objects.4.Organizational Charts: Concerned with relationships and structures.5.Comparison and Contrast Charts: Organizing factual information.5.Explain the concept of short and long-term memory.Short-term memory holds the information acquired from your sensory storage system.Long-term memory is you permanent store or information.6.What is the best way to read and study a mathematics text?Plan on spending more time, Focus on process and procedure, Pay attention to sample problem, Learn to read mathematical language, Study daily, become adept at solving problem, Study and practice variations of problems.7.What are the thought patterns in social science?Listing, Comparison and Contrast, and Cause and Effect.8.Developing an outline involves what step/steps?Identifying how ideas relate, Grouping ideas together.9.What are the common pitfalls in critical listening?Avoid closed mindedness, Avoid selective listening, Avoid oversimplifying difficult or complex ideas, Avoid judging the speaker instead of the message.10.What is the...

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