Subpar Humans Is A Fictional Essay About A Girls Last Day Before She Commits Suicide. Creative Writing Creative Essay

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Subpar Humans
Hotel 8 on Normandy Ave.
The damn morning sun hit my eyes and instantly woke me up. The sun peeked through the small crack where the blinds met, lighting the room just enough for me to realize where I was. I took a deep breath taking in the familiar smell that most people can’t stand, the smell of alcohol and stale cigarettes. I rolled over to see a mid-aged, beautiful, blonde women laying on top of the covers next to me. For a moment I sat and took a long look at her face, I was hoping she wouldn’t wake up to me staring down at her. She was laying on top of the covers, still fully clothed. She had sexy, curly, long, blonde hair, and I’ve always been a sucker for blondies. She looked like one of those rich, prissy suburban house wives that people. like me, love to hate on because you know, they are way out of your league. But that left me with a lot of questions. Who was this woman? How’d she end up in a Motel 8, on this side of town, with a junky like me? Did we have sex? But mostly, what the hell happened last night?
I thought about waking her up, but I didn’t want her to see me and regret her night more than she already will. I grabbed my stash and started to tip toe out of the room, hopping over the empty glass bottles and used needles that filled the motel room floor. I saw her purse on the desk by the door I grabbed her wallet and looked for cash. All I could find was three little kid school pictures. A little blonde boy with blonde shaggy hair that looked about six, a sandy blonde girl with tan skin and freckles, she looked about thirteen, and the last one was a boy who looked about 9 and looked just like the little one. I’m guessing they were her kids because I could see the resemblance. They looked like good kids, whys their mama here?
U-STOP on 27th and A street
“You owe me $6.78 man,” I said as I began to look up at Darrel in front of me. But I was distracted by the white chick that walked into the station. She stole my attention ‘cause she was for sure in the wrong neighborhood. Darrel turned around to see what was distracting me.
“Ole’ boy if you don’t take my money and stop drooling over that cracker imma bout to walk out of this place with these god’damn cigarettes and coffee without paying.”
I snatched his money, “shut the hell up, I’ll see you tomorrow, Darrel.”
I watched white girl roam around the store. You could tell she had one hell of a night ‘cause she was still in her leather mini skirt and stripper heels from the night before. The thing with these white girls is that they love dressing like that when there no sunshine but once they rays come out they are all covered up like a lil’ innocent angel they pretend to be. Once she got closer to the counter I noticed the smudged makeup under her eyes complimented by the deep purple bags.
“Are you lost, baby girl?” I asked her.
“No, just want to buy a coffee.” She pulled out a five from her tight skirt and dropped it on the counter.
“I just never s...


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