Summarize Complex Seemingly Ideaks Insight Of A Social Problem English 1102 Research Paper

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Amber Shaffer
Joseph Ervin
English 1102
The Little Mermaid
Allegories are a useful tool for writers to convey information; Allegories representing the
growth from traditional and populist reasoning to logical reasons serve great purpose in our
society. They summarize complex and seemingly unconnected ideals into a story that grants the
insight of a social problem in a simple demonstration of entertainment. A story less renown, yet
still significantly correlated to the tale’s original roots; ​The Little Mermaid: ​ highlights core facts
of the growth into progressivism from traditional creation of lawful code. In the original, Ariel
(The main character) was obsessed with the idea of living on land. Life above the ocean seemed
so wondrous and new but since Ariel lost her mother to pirates, Ariel is shamed for even the
thought; in this part of the story Music is banned from the kingdom because the King’s Wife
loved music and died to save her daughter while the family was all together creating music.
Music reminded the King of his wife and the King did everything in his power that he could to
banish music from the kingdom. For this paper I would like to analyze the character archetypes
in addition to their actions, major plots points, and how the rise of feminine influence affected
creation of laws to explain how I think ​The Little Mermaid: ​ was a representation of leaving
traditional and populist legislation behind into making a more functional progressive society.
Again, music is banned in the kingdom because of the fear and sadness the king feels.
Emotion being the center of the reasoning behind legislation is key into labeling populist or
traditionalist creation of law; Not that it increases safety or lessen the discourse within the
kingdom but because he ‘did not like it’. This emotional based reasoning does not hold
legitimacy within legislation, courts need hard data as impetus behind creation of law because of
how many people are effect. In fact in the movie, because of these action rebellious sea-denizens
created music clubs hid away in pocket caverns of the ocean to enjoy entertainment. This is very
similar to the era in America’s early to mid 1900’s in which jazz was considered the ‘devil’s
music’. No credible statistics or logical examples existed to explain such bias social
conditioning, it started because individuals with power did not want to allow a cultural artifact to
grow into the mainstream that would take attention away from their ways; Ariel’s father’s fear
was the core component. This type of legislation is very dangerous to the growth of society as it
tends to postpone progressive growth by allowing social stagnancy, lack of change. Legislation
should be carefully thought, planned, and crafted as it dictates the lives of a people nation of
province and guiding them with fear can turn into a very unpleasant. Unstable emotions, banning
art, and stoic life values outlines the reality of an apocalyptic regime....

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