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Anthony Paré's "Ushering Audience Out", a 1991 article appearing in the academic journal Textual Studies in Canada I, argues, that in writing one must redefine the audience as an active reader in discourse, rather than a static, passive reader. The title of this article relates to "ushering" audience out of a theatre of passive watching and into a theatre filled with action. Paré wants to subdue the thought of old audience as a static, passive commun ...view middle of the document...

Paré dedicates four pages to the extensive example of a Predisposition Report (PDR)1 to display active documents and conversation on paper. A PDR appeals to more than one person in an active community - a judge must read a PDR as well as parents of the juvenile offender, social workers, police officers, the psychologist that has made a suggestion, the victim and the probation officer. The PDR is a document that is not used passively because the above justice community must communicate to one another through the document. Paré also uses the example of conversation in the classroom. If audience is thought about in a different way a difference can be made in teaching. Instead of a single audience - the teacher - Paré insists on encouraging students to read each other's writings so that students don't see themselves as passive, but that they perceive themselves as involved in writing.Paré's argument for an active audience is purposed for those that teach writing, and becomes a helpful tool for professors to use in their classrooms. Paré's strong appreciation for the topic of audience is evident in his writing, which effectively sells his ideas to his target audience.


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612 words - 3 pages  25,000 Accumulated Depreciation  25,000 Sept.  1 Dividends Payable—Common   Stock 80,000 Cash 80,000 Dec.  1 Retained Earnings (16,000 X $18) 288,000 Common Stock Dividends   Distributable (16,000 X $5)  80,000 Paid-in Capital in Excess of   Par Value—Common Stock   (16,000 X $13) 208,000 15 Retained Earnings (12,000 X $3)  36,000 Dividends Payable—Preferred   Stock  36,000 31 Income Summary 355,000 Retained Earnings 355,000 (b) Preferred Stock

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1277 words - 6 pages expected in the Pavilion at the National Archives Museum. It reads, Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances (The Bill of Rights: A Transcription par. 24). Moreover, Support among American high school students for the

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2285 words - 10 pages hours of 8 AM and 5 PM five days per week. Salaries are also usually based around a 40 hour work week. If the average NCAA college football player in Division 1 spends over 40 hours a week on their game, then they are working the same amount as those in full-time employment do” (Anderson par 6-7). These hours are distributed over training sessions, games, travel and other required sessions that student athletes must attend in order to remain on

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1115 words - 5 pages Management, 28 June 2017, Colvin, Kimberly F, et al. “Learning in an Introductory Physics MOOC: All Cohorts Learn Equally, Including an on-Campus Class.” The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning, vol. 15, no. 4, 15 Sept. 2014, doi:10.19173/irrodl.v15i4.1902. Summary: A research study that was conducted by researchers from Harvard

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1662 words - 7 pages , England. Reverend William Hilton and Francis Gresley home-schooled their daughter, Francis Trollope, near Bristol, England (American National Biography Online. par1). In the early 1800's Francis met a rising barrister named Thomas Anthony Trollope and they were soon married in 1809 (American National Biography Online par.2). Francis gave birth to seven children between 1810 and 1818, but began her career as an author at the age of fifty three

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953 words - 4 pages proven to be convicted is dangerous to society. Elonis vs. United States is a relatively recent and strange case for the supreme court, mainly because, it involves the use of the internet. The defendant, Anthony Elonis posted several statements via Facebook that appears to threaten his ex-wife, children, an FBI agent, law enforcement officers and, other individuals in his life. Prior to the posts, Elonis had been facing challenges with his wife as

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1144 words - 5 pages Alexis Brunoni Professor Mokros College Writing II September 24, 2018 Unequal Treatment of Women in the Workforce 1. The year is currently 2018 and working women are still making less for doing the same job as men. 2. According to Danielle Paquette, publisher for the Washington Post, “The Census Bureau calculates that the median woman in the United States makes 79 cents for every buck paid to the median man” (par. 5). A8 NEWSPAPER TITLES SHOULD

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1565 words - 7 pages Free . Sincerely yours, Nick Fury REPORT ON HOW TO OPTIMIZE PROFIT OF HAMPSIRE & KENT BANK Presented to Mr. Anthony Edward Stark Managing Director The Hampshire & Kent Bank Southampton, UK Presented by Nick Fury Shield Consultants Above Bar street Southampton, UK 21st November 2018 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: This report gives you a clear idea about what I have done in the model and what assumptions I have made to make the best use of fixing the transfer limit

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2568 words - 11 pages Free answer choices stated in element 1. These assessments have an average timeframe of 10 minutes to fully get a screening, but there are no time limit and can be complete at your own pace. With that being say there are 5 minutes for the forms, and 15 minutes to get the results (PAR, 2018). The publisher of the assessment tries to offer more than just a score, so they provide you with facts sheets and summary report that go into detail on the result of

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3207 words - 13 pages Modern Slavery Act 2015, followed by personal evaluation and legal arguments both of the positives and negatives, contrary to whether the Act is currently up to par or is need of a reform. Slavery is defined by the Modern Slavery Act 2015 as the offence is committed when the person requires another person to perform forced or compulsory labour and the circumstances are such that the person knows or ought to know that the other person is being

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2330 words - 10 pages enterprises – Ghana, like Sri Lanka is also a developing country in the world. Studies shows that there are “28 million small businesses in America. These businesses employ 55% of the workforce and account for 54% of transactions throughout the year.” (Hale, 2016). This shows that small and medium enterprises have a substantial influence on developed countries too. They rely on these enterprises to keep the economy stable and on par with its

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4111 words - 17 pages government, territorial authorities, NGOs and academic institutions. The paper firstly outlines why the effects of climate change are important to recognise with respect to health and outlines a summary of expected effects. Information is included outlining research that already indicates that these effects are being experienced now. A summary of actions being taken within New Zealand and in other countries is briefly examined. Policies are

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2180 words - 9 pages collaborate and communicate effectively in this world of diversity. Summary I truly enjoyed this documentary, and it gave me a much broader perspective of the incredible variety of gender identities in our society and around the world. The American culture has changed enormously over the last few years, and it is past time for everyone to embrace the broad spectrum of our culture. The documentary introduces us to terminology as it relates to

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3541 words - 15 pages team is well as pro n connect an se advertisem 010’. The a his has been t Involved, stificatio around a par to own a sta ness experie ting the onl opment, as egal framew to protect o strongly co oviding acce nd share the ment, which application copyrighte Get To A G on rtnership leg ake in the G ences. The p line platform well as mar work of a pa our subscrib ommitted to essible com eir concerns h could pote platform w ed and tradem Gig, Get G

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3453 words - 14 pages and allow a better health for all. References 1. Cutler D., and Lleras-Muney A. Education and Health. In: Anthony J. Culyer (ed.), Encyclopedia of Health Economics, Vol 1. San Diego: Elsevier; 2014. pp. 232-45. 2. Olshansky SJ, et al. Differences in life expectancy due to race and educational differences are widening, and many may not catch up. Health Aff 2012;31:1803-13. 3. Goldman D, Smith JP. The increasing value of education to health. Soc Sci