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Summary Module 3

1. Kingdom Protista is divided into two main groups: _______ (mostly individual, single-celled creatures with a form of locomotion) and _______ (mostly colonies of eukaryotic cells that have no form of locomotion) 1. protozoa 2. Algae 2. Protozoa are split into four major phlya based on their locomotion. Mastigphora contains those that use ______. Sarcodina contains those that use _______. Ciliophora contains those that use _______, and Sporozoa contains those that have _______.
1. flagella
2. pseudopods
3. Cilia
4. no means of locomotion 3. Algae are split into five major phyla based on habitat, organization, and cell wall. Chlorophyta contains those that live in _______, are composed of _______, and have cell walls made of________. Chrysophyta contains those that live in _______, are composed of _________, and have cell walls made of _______. Pyrrophyta contain those that live in _______, are composed of ______ and have cell walls made of _________________. Phaeophyta contains those that live in ________ are composed of ________, and have cell walls made of _________. Rhodophyta contains those that live in ________, are composed of _____, and have cell walls made of ________.
1. freshwater
2. single cells
3. cellulose
4. marine & freshwater 5. single cells 6. silicon dioxode 7. marine 8. Cellulose or atypical 9. Cold marine waters 10. multiple cells 11. Cellulose & alginic acid 12. Warm marine waters 13. Multiple cells 14. Cellulose The main portion of a cell's DNA is stored in its ______. Membrane-bounded "sacs" in a cell are called _____. Two main types of vacuoles are ________, which store food, and ______, which regulate the amount of water in the cell.
1. Nucleus
2. Vacuole
3. Food vacuole
4. Contractile vacuole 5. The cytoplasm in a cell can be split into ______, which is thin and watery and, ______ which is more dense.
1. Ectoplasm
2. Endoplasm

6. Amoeba proteus is a typical member of phylum ______, and it can form ____ to survive extreme conditions.
1. Sarcodine
2. Cysts

7. Genus Euglena contains organisms from phylum ________. When it comes to food, these creatures are both ______ and _____. They have firm but flexible shape-sustaining ____ and a light sensitive region known as an ______.
1. Mastigophora
2. Autotrophic
3. Heterotrophic
4. Pellicle
5. Eyespot

8. Photosynthesis requires a pigment called _____, which cells store in ______.
1. Chlorophyll
2. Chloroplast

9. Round green colonies found in phylum Mastigophora are found in genus _____.
1. Volvox

10. When organisms form a relationship in which atleast one of them benefits, it is called _____. If all organisms involved benefit it is specifically known as _______....

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