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05 September 2017 
Unit 1 Writing Assessment 
Wouldn't it be better if parents and their children would be able to spend more time together as a family? Well what better idea than being able to watch Reality TV programs together. Both younger and older aged people enjoy watching these types of programs. In the article Ethics and Reality TV: Should Really Watch, the author Austin Cline explains why reality TV programs aren’t the right programs to watch. Yet, TV programs are not negative. There are benefits in watching these shows, such as being able to spend time together with family, these programs encourage others, and everyone sees reality TV programs from a different point of view.
Reality TV programs are not negative, one benefit in reality TV programs would be the bond it creates with the family. Reality TV programs are known to be very entertaining. In the article cline says “the primary basis for many of these shows…. seems to be we should laugh at and be entertained by them.” In the quote Cline is saying how these programs are supposed to make us laugh when we watch them. Personally, during the week I spend little to no time with my parents due to the fact that both of them work long shifts, yet, on Saturdays the whole family sits on the couch and I find myself laughing with my parents to the funny things that happens on these reality TV shows. Therefore, when families watch these programs together everyone is laughing, talking about what’s going to happen next, and getting to know each other a little more.
In addition, people are watching reality TV not just to laugh or find enjoyment but also, to learn from them. “Either we find them entertaining or we find them so shocking that we are simply unable to turn away,” says Austin cline in his article. Here the author...


A Summary of promises and poverty - Global issues - Summary

885 words - 4 pages A Summary of Promises and Poverty By: Raven Johnson September 26, 2018 Global Issues Before sitting down and taking my time to read this article, I looked at the title to see what type of article I would be reading. The title of the article is called “Promises and Poverty”. To me, I felt like the article was going to be about something that has to deal with a country in poverty, but also a country that has been made promises to. After I read the

The Diary of a Madman Review/Summary - The University of Texas at Austin/ Russian Science Fiction - Review/Summary

887 words - 4 pages plays around with the structuring of his sentences of when he makes Poprishchin speaks in the text that allows the reader to get a clear understanding that Poprishchin’s mental situation starts to change once he finds out the truth from what the dog’s notes provided about the woman he was chasing. After this out of nowhere, the entire storyline changes as Poprishchin seems to think that he is the King of Spain, to further on feature activities and

She's with Me by jessica Cunsolo - Write a summaru on a story of your choice - Summary

455 words - 2 pages In the stories The Cask of the Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe and The Interlopers by Saki both share a common theme and conflict. The theme that both stories share “blood will have blood” or, in other words revenge. The shared conflict is man vs. man, which each story illustrates in different ways. In The Cask of Amontillado the theme is stated in the very first paragraph. The main character Montresor seeks revenge on Fortunato “The thousand

"My Theory On Death Of A Salesman" I Read The Play And Gave A Summary Of The Story And What I Thought It Meant To Me

866 words - 4 pages My theory on Death of a Salesman This play by Arthur Miller had very many different types of conflict that gave off different meanings to the audience. Throughout this story a man is watching everything he has worked for and done all his life be taken away from him. He can't bond with his son because of an injustice he put on him long ago. He states at times that he is a well liked man, and you can go to different places and say his name and get

summary of The Notion of Witchcraft

526 words - 3 pages This essay mainly examines the phenomenon existing in Zande thought, where witchcraft explains the relation between men and the bad luck and is the prescribed way to solve it. According to Azande, any misfortune fall on anyone at any time and in relation to any of the manifold activities of his life is probably due to witchcraft.Witchcraft to an Azande is a commonplace happening to him. The author further gives detailed examples to illustrate

The Age Of Spiritual Machines, By Ray Kurzweil. This Report Gives A Basic Summary Of A Very Technical Book On A.I

732 words - 3 pages principle of the book, The Law of Accelerating Returns, which follows:-An evolutionary process is not a closed system; therefore, evolution draws upon the chaos in the larger system in which it takes place for its options of diversity; and-Evolution builds on its own increasing order.Therefore:-In an evolutionary process, order increases exponentially.Therefore:-Time exponentially speeds up.Therefore:-The returns (the valuable products of the process

Short summary of the movie Dr. Zhivago

490 words - 2 pages military doctor and his path crosses repeatedly with Lara. He is married to Tonya and together they have a son Sasha. At the time he is a doctor on the war front is when Yuri struggles with his love between his family and Lara. After he gets back from the fronts he has to flee with his wife, son, and father because food and firewood were scarce. They move to Varyinko. When they arrive at the estate they find plenty of food and wood. Yuri then

Summary Of Poe's Poem "The Raven"

317 words - 2 pages yore". The Raven flew in andperched in top of his chamber door. The Raven just sat there andthe main character started to talk to the Raven and ask it, "tellme what thy lordly mane is on the night's Plutonian shore". Butall the Raven says was "Nevermore". The main character justkept talking to the Raven and thinking how rare it was for a birdto perch on top of a door and only say "Nevermore". The maincharacter started to get pissed off and yelled at the Raven andthe Raven just sat there, really still, and repeated the word"Nevermore".

Battle of Hastings- events, summary and conclusion - Write an essay on the Battle of Hastings - Essay

2277 words - 10 pages Free were built on the site of the conflict, such as Battle Abbey in East Sussex. Belonging to the most authoritative family in England, Harold Godwisnon claimed the throne soon after Edward the Confessor died in January 1066. Some historians say that Edward had verbally promised the throne to his cousin William the Duke of Normandy, but decided just before his death to give it to Harold. While Edward the Confessor had a great English nephew who might

Two page essay on the summary of ,”The Great Gatsby.” with works cited - English - Book Report

495 words - 2 pages Lorenzo Mejia Mrs. Howard English III 27 October 2018 The historical fiction, The Great Gatsby was written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Our narrator, Nick Carraway, rents a small house on Long Island bears his cousin Daisy. His neighbor, Jay Gatsby, is a self -made millionaire, who was living a high life through his involvement in criminal activism. He always throws infamous parties and Nick eventually gets invited to one. Carraway learns that Daisy

The Nervous System: A Basic Summary Of The Nervous System And Some Little Peices On How It Is Affected By Disease And Drugs

1560 words - 7 pages , Parkinson's disease was not believed to be heritable, and research was primarily focused on environmental risk factors such as neurotoxins or viral infection. However, family history was gradually perceived to be a risk factor, which was confirmed last year when a candidate gene for some cases of Parkinson's disease was mapped to chromosome 4. Mutations in this gene have now been linked to several Parkinson's families. The product of this gene

A summary on Shoeless Joe written by W. P. Kinsella

544 words - 3 pages Free the grass for the outfield and to pad the infield with dirt and the mound and also make bleachers for Ray's family to watch, he saw these "ghosts" of Black Sox's started appearing on his field and they were playing catch and hanging out and talking. He grabbed a glove from his house and went onto the field and played catch with his hero and that was the greatest memory Ray could have ever experience that was his only wish, to play a game of catch

Summary of Anthony Par

345 words - 2 pages static, passive community that does not respond to the text and restore it with a new definition. Writing should compel an active audience and consequently an audience that is part of the motions and behaviours of writing. Paré dedicates four pages to the extensive example of a Predisposition Report (PDR)1 to display active documents and conversation on paper. A PDR appeals to more than one person in an active community - a judge must read a

Book Summary on "The Scarlet Letter" - NUCS English - English/History

1194 words - 5 pages on the other hand, returns years later to live out the rest of her life and sentence wearing the dreaded scarlet letter. Summary Questions · How was Dimmesdale and Chillingworth co-related within the plot? • Dimmesdale had committed adultery, vise versa Hester cheated on Chillingworth witch made him loath over Dimmesdale. Dimmesdale is maybe a second party voice and Chillingworth a third party voice..? What did the result of Dimmesdale reflect

Summary Of "A Brave New World" By Aldous Huxley

1294 words - 6 pages Huxley's point of view in Brave New World is third person, omniscient (all-knowing). The narrator is not one of the characters and therefore has the ability to tell us what is going on within any of the characters' minds. This ability is particularly useful in showing us a cross section of this strange society of the future. We can be with the Director of Hatcheries and Conditioning in the Central London Conditioning and Hatchery Centre, with