Summer Of The Seventeenth Doll Monologue English Monologue

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Summer of the Seventeenth Doll Monologue
Context: During Act 1 Scene 1 Bubba is talking to Pearl about Nancy and how she went to the wedding. She continues to describe her experience at the wedding and branches off to talk about Nancy and the lay-off season.
Bubba: I finally got to meet Nancy’s bloke, Harry Allaway, at the wedding in August. He was such a gentleman. I don’t know what it was about him but he was different to Barney. He had this charm and maturity (hand gestures), the way he talked about Nancy really showed his loyalty for her. He told me how grateful he was to have a beautiful woman like her. I definitely do agree with him (talk enthusiastically). Any man would be lucky to have her. She’s such a caring and lovely woman. Harry seems like a great lad for her. At the wedding, you could clearly see the chemistry and love they had for each other. She truly looked happy to be with him. Hopefully, Nancy’s decision marrying Harry was the correct one.
The wedding was different to every other wedding I’ve been to. This one was the best. Nancy, oh she looked spectacular that night! The way her navy-blue dress shaped her body and accentuated her eyes was just amazing. (Short pause) Although, there was something about the wedding that reminded me about the lay-off season (Hand gesture). People were drinking and having a good time just like how it was during the lay-off season (Stand up and twirl around), she probably just wanted to hold onto some memories, just drinking and having fun.
I’ll miss having Nancy around. I can’t imagine how Olive feels, losing a friend to marriage would probably be the worst. Them two were so tight together that they were inseparable. Now, Olive wants nothing to do with Nancy. But, I know deep down that she still truly cares about her. I mean, don’t we all? I’m pretty sure both Barney and Roo still do as well (laugh while talking). She was part of the lay-off family for sixteen years. I still remember every small fond memory as if it just happened yesterday. If only things would stay the way it used to be. (Short pause) I started to notice that Nancy was getting annoyed by the lay-off season, don’t think she was too keen on the whole waiting part anymore. I don’t really know why. It seems exciting and suspenseful to me. I never would have thought that Nancy would decide to ditch the lay-off season and go off to marry a bloke. I guess she was ready to move on and settle down.
(Pauses to l...


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