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Summertime Essay

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I’m cradled in my nest, huddled against my mothers warm body. I have always admired her. She has such presence and is a role model for any seagull. I am warm and content. Suddenly she stands up and flaps her wings as if to take off in flight. A fresh sense of fear clings coldly to my heart. “Flap your wings and come to me,” she coaxes. I stare at her in wild disbelief. I am still so immature. “Don’t look down yet!” she commands. I shut my eyes tight. The next thing I know, I am falling. My body feels as heavy as a stone and my heart has turned to lead. I have been pushed out of ...view middle of the document...

It is mid-summer. The cold blue-green foamy ocean spills onto the golden shore. I see children scrambling, frolicking and squealing in delight. Some rum around with frosty ice creams, licking them greedily. A fresh breeze whips my feathers. I scan the ground again. I see women in bathing suits basking in the sun in an attempt to get the perfect tan. I see pot-bellied men in shorts and t-shirts, minding the braai: preparing mouth watering steaks, spicy sausages and tangy lemon peri peri chicken. I see them squeeze the sauce over their sausages. I hear the splash and whiz of cool-drinks as cans are opened… I feel it all!“Don’t fly too low!” orders mother, “the waves are high so don’t get your wings wet and heavy!”. But I am on a high, free of all restrictions and making the most of my newfound abilities.Suddenly… the water lashes out at me, like an icy cold spear and my wings become cemented to my side. I hear a faint whistle and the force of gravity pulls me towards the earth… to eternal doom. The sun which was my guiding light turns into a beacon of lost hope. The sound around me turn into echoes and muffled screams. I blink as the world begins to fade away. Everything is enveloped in shadow, then splash… I hit the water. However I am not prepared to die. I summon every ounce of strength and flap my wings until I soar once again into the bright blue sky.

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