Summery Of Social Class And The Hidden Curriculum Lane Community College, Associate Of Arts Oregon Transfer Degree Assignment

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"Summary of The Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum of Work"
"The Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum of Work" is an article written by an educator, Jean Anyon. In her article, she observed five elementary schools and the academic course curriculum over the course of a year. The most interesting things are that she closely observed how the teaching system works in different level of social class. She also added in her writings that majority of Elementary schools in different economic environments teach the student based on the parent's financial ability and support. According to Anyon’s analysis, there are four different classifications of schools in the society such as "working-class schools", the "middle-class schools", "Affluent Professional schools", and "Executive Elite schools". In contrast, Anyon introduces the socio-economic ladder, where the working class schools are at the bottom and all the way up to the executive elite schools at the top of the ladder.
At first, Anyon has given attention in her essay to the working class schools. At this level, the students get the best result with maximum efforts. Furthermore, the student of the working class school works hard to follow the instructions of the assigned experiments. Other than that, most of the time a little decision is involved to get the right answer. For example, teachers don’t explain to the students why the students will solve the assignments and the experiments. Likewise, she gave the example of two-digit division in math, unexplained fragmented procedures, language arts, and science experiments. In addition, she wrote about the culture of the working class school which is totally out of the mind. She said that the teacher implements their desire for the students whatever they think.
Secondly, Anyon explained about the success story of middle-class schools. She indicated to the success which means getting the right answer as the grading of the students' work is completely different from the working class. Even though, the student has various options to solve the math problems and technique to understand the assigned pages, critical thinking topics in this school. For example, once teacher explains to the students about the Pilgrims in a class and summarize it and asked the students that ...


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