Summit Series, Describing The Final Moments Of The Game Starting With The End Of The Game Then Moving Back

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Hockey Night in Canada! The Summit SeriesThe puck came to a slow and subtle stop; nothing could be heard except the roar of the crowd. Vladislav Tretiak fell back in his chair in udder disbelief; he was astounded at what took place before his very eyes. His team lost, after all the money he had put into their training and team specialists, he thought for sure that he had this game in the bag, there ...view middle of the document...

I sat there, yearning to get onto the ice; I sat in the bench, the smell of the cold air mixed with the scent of blood and sweat, there was something inside of me that wouldn't keep quiet, repeatedly yelling "get out there and score!" I stood up and did something I'd never done before, the left-winger skated by and I yelled at him to get off the ice. I was shocked and amazed but I knew, deep down inside I knew I could score; maybe it was because I scored the two last winning goals, but I knew I could score another. I jumped over the boards and began to skate...50 seconds left. Phil Esposito skates 10 feet from the blue line into the Soviet's zone, with Henderson and Cournoyer close behind. Esposito pass's the puck to Cournoyer on his left. Cournoyer takes a shot and misses. Henderson makes an attempt for the puck but stumbles and falls on his stomach. 37 seconds left in the period, Henderson gets up swiftly and heads straight to the front of the net. He picks up the loose puck, turns 90 degrees and shoots. The red light flashes. Henderson scores. I stand in utter disbelief as pure joy flows threw me.


Paper On The Most Dangerous Game

332 words - 2 pages The Most Dangouse Game As Rainsford awoke the next day he half expected to wake up in his own bed. Instead he found himself still in the Luxurious mansion.While he tried to figure out how to get back home he fixed himself some breakfast. When he finished it occured to him that the mansion and the island that it rested on were both his! Now he could do anything he wanted with it.Many thoughts went though his head however, with a new outlook on

Ethics of Soccer Players Faking Injury to Kill the Game

1677 words - 7 pages diplomatic relations. Secondly, one of the most significant things that prove that soccer is too far beyond just a game is the money involved in it, tons of money that even exceed countries' budgets. Money controls everything; stadium naming rights, jersey sponsorship deals, and player transfer fees and sponsorships. It is crazy watching a soccer game like el Classico (Barcelona VS Real Madrid) with twenty-two players on the pitch that are worth more

The Effect of Video Game Playing on Reaction Time - Biology 1 - Research Paper

1635 words - 7 pages The Effect of Video Game Playing on Reaction Time Abstract In the fast-paced world of the twenty first century, time and speediness is essential. From day to day decisions or reacting to save oneself from danger, a reduced reaction time is crucial. However, an increased amount of errors is usually associated with a reduced reaction time. Can more preparation and training via an increased amount of time spent while playing video games reduce

Rigging the game: CPA as an illegitimate strategic business action - London School of Economics - Essay

2165 words - 9 pages , 2000; Broadbent, 2000), South Korea (Kang, 2002) and Russia (Kubicek, 1996). Hillman (2004) identifies two types of CPA: proactive and reactive. Proactive CPA includes informing the decision makers about the impact of a policy, trying to reduce government regulation of the firm, making campaign contributions and lobbying (influencing legislative/regulatory process). Reactive CPA is mainly concerned with the tracking of the development of

Assignment On The End Of The World:

5095 words - 21 pages his visions and wrote them in a ten volume set of books called The Centuries. In his final prophesy, Nostradamus predicted his own death, and continued to write The Centuries up until his death which occurred on July 1, 1566. Along with the prophecy of his own death, Nostradamus made thousands of other prophecies that, four hundred years after, are still coming true. And many more, including his predictions about the end of the world, are

Assignment On THe WB Series Charmed

887 words - 4 pages , Phoebe is not certain that she wants her active powers back. She is learning to rely on her Wiccan knowledge of potions and spells, her martial arts skills and her own common sense. At the end of last season, Piper and her Whitelighter husband Leo suffered a devastating blow when their second son Chris cam back from the future to warn them of impending evil threatening their older son Wyatt. After witnessing Chris's death, Leo was overcome with grief

Social isolation destroys innocence, Discuss in relation to Ender’s Game and Lord of the Flies? - A Level/English Literature - Essay

2574 words - 11 pages his superiority and engenders in him a sense of alienation and isolation from his both adults and peers alike. Ender is never innocent, he is born with the expectation he should serve society as a killer. I. Mocko has said "While some parts of the story are naive (especially protagonist's sister Valentine), on the whole, Ender's Game quite realistically portraits the ups and downs of growing up. Violence and death, while brutal, serve and have

Strategic marketing The board game market - School - essay report

1767 words - 8 pages . A lot more couples, and young professionals are wanting to still meet with friends but are recently preferring to go somewhere they can get a drink, get a game out and sit around for hours as this is a more sociable activity. (Graham, L. 2016). Social The Internet has vastly helped smaller businesses to increase awareness of their businesses. Rather than Meepleco just relying on word of mouth they are now able to make use of social media when

A Close Analysis Of An Extract From Television Text Drawn From The Sitcom Genre: Friends, The One With All The Cheesecakes, Series 7 Episode 11

1403 words - 6 pages The American television sitcom "Friends" is by genre an ensemble sitcom it follows the everyday lives of six twenty something's living in New York, who are all friends. Although by definition a sitcom the show has established soap elements such as an ongoing storyline and example in this episode is phoebe's ex-boyfriend David from the first series reappearing there is a bleeding over of storylines from series to series. This is known as open

This is an essay that is a review on the new video game, Call of Duty Black Ops Four. - English 1101 - Essay

896 words - 4 pages previous Call of Duty’s, there have been vehicles in the game, but you have not been able to drive then or operate them. They have added four wheelers, helicopters, boats, and army trucks. These vehicles run very smoothly and can be operated very easily. For this being the first time they have incorporated moving vehicles that can be operated by the players, it is surprising that they run that smoothly into the game. It is also nice that they added

The Issues Involved In The End Of The American Frontier

1868 words - 8 pages this point in that as the end of the frontier came to be, so came to be the end ofan era, a time to become a new, experience these thrills of simple life. His duty being tosurvive, but not realizing that he is creating from this wilderness into what is nowAmerica.His second point of argument he contrasts the American frontier with that of theEuropean one, "the European frontier - a fortified boundary line running through densepopulations... The

Optimism At The End Of The Grapes Of Wrath

461 words - 2 pages months. At the height of their struggles, the Joads are without food, shelter, and their strongest member Tom Joad. The daughter, Rose of Sharon also delivers a stillborn baby. Steinbeck does however end the story with symbols of hope. The rain, which is constantly pouring down, is a symbol of renewal. The rain represents the coming of spring and plants. The rain has made A[t]iny points of grass came through the earth@ and Athe hills were pale green

Who's the greatest to ever play the game? - Georgia State - Essay

890 words - 4 pages movement. According to the tv show “60 minutes” and Vanity Fair Magazine, about 90% of Americans watch sports. In fact, as of spring 2015, 58 million Americans said they had watched an NBA game and since then, the game has only gotten bigger. However, Lebron James is better than Michael Jordan based on statistics, leading a team, the ability to take on tougher competition, and his versatility. So today, these facts will prove why LeBron is better than

The then and now of Schizophrenia - harold washington/english - essay

1868 words - 8 pages Running Head: THE THEN AND NOW OF SCHIZOPHRENIA 1 THE THEN AND NOW OF SCHIZOPHRENIA 3 The then and now of Schizophrenia Treona Carter Professor: Templegean-Hemphill English 120 Abstract This essay is focused solely and discusses first a little history about schizophrenia and where the word comes from also, the effects of schizophrenia what it is

the most dangerous game and child by tiger escape or interpretive - BYU/ENGL231 - Assignment

748 words - 3 pages from Purdey’s” (Connell 7). There is no uncertainty. General Zaroff is also a very simplistic character. He described as being tall, bearded, and the face of an aristocrat. Zaroff’s goals are also obvious when Zaroff says, “I have one passion in my life, Mr. Rainsford, and it is the hunt” (Connell 67). This story does not use real-life situations. The story begins with Rainsford falling off of a yacht and then swimming to shore. Rainsford randomly