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Summit Series, Describing The Final Moments Of The Game Starting With The End Of The Game Then Moving Back

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Hockey Night in Canada! The Summit SeriesThe puck came to a slow and subtle stop; nothing could be heard except the roar of the crowd. Vladislav Tretiak fell back in his chair in udder disbelief; he was astounded at what took place before his very eyes. His team lost, after all the money he had put into their training and team specialists, he thought for sure that he had this game in the bag, there was ...view middle of the document...

I sat there, yearning to get onto the ice; I sat in the bench, the smell of the cold air mixed with the scent of blood and sweat, there was something inside of me that wouldn't keep quiet, repeatedly yelling "get out there and score!" I stood up and did something I'd never done before, the left-winger skated by and I yelled at him to get off the ice. I was shocked and amazed but I knew, deep down inside I knew I could score; maybe it was because I scored the two last winning goals, but I knew I could score another. I jumped over the boards and began to skate...50 seconds left. Phil Esposito skates 10 feet from the blue line into the Soviet's zone, with Henderson and Cournoyer close behind. Esposito pass's the puck to Cournoyer on his left. Cournoyer takes a shot and misses. Henderson makes an attempt for the puck but stumbles and falls on his stomach. 37 seconds left in the period, Henderson gets up swiftly and heads straight to the front of the net. He picks up the loose puck, turns 90 degrees and shoots. The red light flashes. Henderson scores. I stand in utter disbelief as pure joy flows threw me.

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