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The Swastika and its OriginBy Jonathan EidThe Swastika is known to be the symbol of the Nazi Regime. This symbol is nowassociated with evil and genocide. Many people take offense by just seeing this symbol. Little dothey know, the symbol represents positive feelings. The literal translation of Swastika means,"That which is associated with well-being." The country of origin was not Germany either; itsroots go as far back as India. It is used as a religious object for Jainism, Hinduism, andBuddhism. The Germans also used the symbol for the properties it represented.The Swastika may look like a form of cross. It is believed to ...view middle of the document...

Fear envelopes in those who see the mark inside a white disc surrounded byred. The Germans used the symbol because of the Aryan background it held. Indians also used itto represent Aryans but in a peaceful manner.The Swastika also has a mirror image called the Sauwastika. The Sauwastika is seen withthe Swastika most times. As one might have guess, the symbol means the opposite of theSwastika. It is a symbol of evil and death. In Buddhism, it stands for the Goddess Kali, Kali isan evil and violent goddess who is sometimes hown with severed heads. Both the Swastika andSauwastika are put right next to each other to often show balance in Hinduism.Some instances of the use of the Swastika pre-World War II include:The peace symbol for the League of Nations Vilna Commision, The Edmonton Swastikas, aCanadian womens' ice hockey team. Dust-covers of books by Rudyard Kipling and other authorsBoy Scouts' badges in Britain from 1911 to 1922, etc. These people used a symbol that wouldturn out to be so wretched and they didn't even know. They would be using a symbol that wouldrepresent death all around.This is a perfect example on when something so important to something's history goesunmentioned. New meanings are created and it causes outright conflict. Luckily, this topic isgetting more attention now. It is obvious that the Swastika would never regain its purity. Photoslike Prince Harry wearing a Nazi symbol will always keep the hate alive. No turning back fromhere on out.

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