Symbols In "Not Wanted On The Vouage" English Grade 12 Assignment

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In 1933, the Holocaust was created by Nazi Germany in an attempt to divide and dispose of the “unwanted” and undesirable. Anyone that was not Hitler's version of “ideal” was murdered in order to cleanse Germany. This cruel and vicious way of thinking is displayed in “NOW TV” through Noah Noyes. Throughout the text Findley references the Holocaust directly and indirectly. Findley demonstrates the connection “Noah’s Ark” has to the holocaust, and tries to show readers this could happen again in the future.
NOW TV demonstrates a strong connection to the Holocaust with its mass genocide by the Great Flood. At the beginning of the novel, ashes are falling from the sky, symbolizing the cremation of the Jewish. Interestingly, every character knows they are ashes, except Noah. This demonstrates Noah is delusional, as was Hitler, to inhumanity and cruelty. On page 105, Lucy says she ca,e to the human race to survive the Holocaust in Heaven, and prevent the Holocaust on earth. This direct references to the holocaust makes it evident that this is not the first or last time the act of “cleansing” makes us question our humanity.
Noah and Hitler both made it clear that being a “perfect” human was much more important than humanity, kindness, and compassion. So, what is being human? Mrs. noyes fought hard to show Noah that mentally disabled Lotte deserved to live just as much as anyone. She tried to show Noah that just because they have differences does not mean one should live and one should die. When the Faeries showed Mrs. Noyes the infinite symbol, it meant time is not what you think. I believe Findley was trying to say that even though everything seems okay in this moment, segregation starts small, but the longer it is left alone the stronger and more severe it can become. Another example of Findlay connected this...

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