Symbols In "Not Wanted On The Vouage" English Grade 12 Assignment

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In 1933, the Holocaust was created by Nazi Germany in an attempt to divide and dispose of the “unwanted” and undesirable. Anyone that was not Hitler's version of “ideal” was murdered in order to cleanse Germany. This cruel and vicious way of thinking is displayed in “NOW TV” through Noah Noyes. Throughout the text Findley references the Holocaust directly and indirectly. Findley demonstrates the connection “Noah’s Ark” has to the holocaust, and tries to show readers this could happen again in the future.
NOW TV demonstrates a strong connection to the Holocaust with its mass genocide by the Great Flood. At the beginning of the novel, ashes are falling from the sky, symbolizing the cremation of the Jewish. Interestingly, every character knows they are ashes, except Noah. This demonstrates Noah is delusional, as was Hitler, to inhumanity and cruelty. On page 105, Lucy says she ca,e to the human race to survive the Holocaust in Heaven, and prevent the Holocaust on earth. This direct references to the holocaust makes it evident that this is not the first or last time the act of “cleansing” makes us question our humanity.
Noah and Hitler both made it clear that being a “perfect” human was much more important than humanity, kindness, and compassion. So, what is being human? Mrs. noyes fought hard to show Noah that mentally disabled Lotte deserved to live just as much as anyone. She tried to show Noah that just because they have differences does not mean one should live and one should die. When the Faeries showed Mrs. Noyes the infinite symbol, it meant time is not what you think. I believe Findley was trying to say that even though everything seems okay in this moment, segregation starts small, but the longer it is left alone the stronger and more severe it can become. Another example of Findlay connected t...


Symbols in the lord of the flies - Grade 10 - Essay

563 words - 3 pages Lord of the Flies Essay- William Golding Lord of the Flies is set on a deserted island where a group of boys were stranded due to a plane crash. In the novel, “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding, the author uses a lot of symbols to help portray the destruction and deterioration of the boys. The destruction of the island can be understood using various symbols, the symbols that I will be examining are the conch, painted faces, and the beast

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2469 words - 10 pages a part of the class and an identification that everyone is equal and has a right to an education. Content and Description The unit content that will be used will be for year 10 English students with the focus topic being creative writing. The unit will address Stage 5 Outcomes with a specific focus on Objective C: think in ways that are imaginative, creative, interpretive and critical (Board of Studies, 2012). This unit will be taught over a 6

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420 words - 2 pages character concerned with reputation was Giles Corey. He was killed in a gruesome way because he wanted to die a true Christian man. If he confessed to witchcraft he wouldn't be considered Christian anymore. He could have been hanged if he confessed but he was suffocated. This shows how far these people would go for their reputation. “More weight” (Miller) I find that Giles character stayed true throughout the play, and even when he died he went out in

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939 words - 4 pages lack of understanding towards Amir since he cannot relate to him. We can see that because of how disappointed Baba is, Amir can see that he’s not the son that Baba wanted: “ but fathering a son who preferred burying his face in poetry books to hunting...well, that wasn't how Baba had envisioned it” (Hosseini, 19-20). With only a quick glance at the novel, one would see that Baba is very disappointed in how Amir turned out, due to his wimpy

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909 words - 4 pages Ibrahim​ ​Khan 11/29/2017 Grade​ ​11 Ms.​ ​Wilson University​ ​English Appearances​ ​are​ ​used​ ​to​ ​deceive​ ​throughout​ ​all​ ​of​ ​​Othello,​ ​​they​ ​show​ ​the​ ​characters appearances​ ​and​ ​how​ ​other​ ​characters​ ​perceive​ ​one​ ​another​ ​and​ ​this​ ​occurs​ ​threw​ ​race, gender​ ​representations​ ​and​ ​social​ ​status ​ ​Othello​ ​was​ ​profiled​ ​throughout​ ​the​ ​entire​ ​play​ ​because​ ​of​ ​his​ ​appearance​ ​as​ ​a

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492 words - 2 pages Free with ideas of music theory. If Tommy Emmanuel is not familiar with music theory, does he simply use emotion and intuition to play what sounds “pleasing” to him? For example, if two chords are played together, a musician trained in music theory may know they are supposed to sound “good” together by knowledge from music theory. Tommy Emmanuel on the other hand may use emotion to know that those two chords sound “good” to himself. Tommy Emmanuel may

Different Symbols In Kate Chopin's "The Awakening"

831 words - 4 pages does not obey her husband and refuses to go inside for bed. The event dealing with the sea on the final pages of the novel parallels her awakening, in that the ocean brings about a great change. As she strips off her clothes and walks into the ocean, she feels "like some new-born creature, opening its eyes in a familiar world that it had never known." She continues out into the sea, and when she becomes tired, she says good-bye to her family and

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910 words - 4 pages close too. The sound of their laugh lights you up from the inside, people say they feel this way when they make their mothers laugh. The light up feeling you get inside remind me of “butterflies” in your stomach and how colourful butterflies are. Another picture I added to also represent this was on the top left, underneath the leafs. The block of a colourful pattern. I choose the leaves because I think laughter is organic and grows in a sense

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493 words - 2 pages is Esperanza. She's went for her dream to have her own house. In the beginning of the story Esperanza wanted her own house not like the one on mango house street. Throughout the story she talks about how she's ashamed of her home. But she's learning more about writing and Alicia is helping her. So Esperanza decided that she was going to be a writer. She finally got her house that she wanted . One all for herself. Quote; “ Not a flat . Not an

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1306 words - 6 pages viewpoint is in the first person and displays emotion and tone. He uses the pronoun “I” many times as well as making his own claims, only giving evidence of his own, and connecting his points with his life like when he says: “Experience teaches me that whatever a fellow-guest may have power to instruct or to amuse when he is sitting on a chair, or standing on a hearth-rug, quickly leaves him when he takes one out for a walk”. Not only does this prove

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1135 words - 5 pages Why Shakespeare Should Not Be Taught in High Schools Anymor​e Shakespeare's work should no longer be taught in high schools. The first reason is due to the violence of many of his plays and the negative messages it portrays to young high school students. The second reason is Shakespeare's plays are written about one cultural view, and one man's take on it. Finally the language that is used in Shakespeare's work has not been used in hundreds of

This essay decribes the evil within the symbols in the novel The Lord of the Flies - English 9 - Essay

904 words - 4 pages and killing when he refuses to go back to the camp unless he kills a pig. This grows into an obsession. The hunters have tribal dances about hunting the swine, with all of dancing in a circle, and chasing around Rober, and pretending to execute him.. Later on, he wants to murder because he wants to satisfy the beast with part of the kill. With the beast representing the evil within each boy, this represents the hunters kill to satisfy their

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965 words - 4 pages of these wonderful gadgets and use them for unintended purposes. As a result, many school boards are wondering whether or not to allow cell phones in the classroom. In the spring of 2009, a recent study was conducted by the University of Waterloo. They decided to take two schools: one that allowed cell phones in class and one that did not for this study. They observed those students until post-graduation. Based on their findings, the educators

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501 words - 3 pages friendship, their reliance on each other for survival illustrates one key point: mutual respect. Don’t give up Life Of Pi is a story of perseverance and a story of not giving up, even in the hardest’s conditions. Pi didn’t give up hope and he kept moving. Whatever the hungry predator as company, he never let down hope of survival. There will be always some opportunities like the flying fish for food or rains for drinking water or the floating

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1033 words - 5 pages SAT Admission Ticket Message to Supervisors Page 1 of 2 Test Day Information Test Date: Test Center: Test Type: Message to Students: PRINT AND BRING THIS TICKET TO TEST CENTER. Tickets on a smartphone will not be accepted. All test centers open at 7:45 a.m., and doors close at 8 a.m., unless otherwise noted on this ticket. You will not be admitted after 8 a.m. Keep this printed ticket with you at all times in the test center. ID policy