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Sara Ward
Synthesis Essay
May 8, 2018
Risky Behavior
In modern society, the perception that all risks are unhealthy and potentially dangerous
is a misconception. Many current studies prove that taking risks in life help in furthering the
development of a person's character and self-assurance. In ​The Crucible ​by Arthur Miller and in
the artwork by George Redhawk, both pieces convey that risks are a large part in developing
personal growth in confidence and identities.
George Redhawk is a visually impaired, registered blind, partially sighted -with profound
retinal damage- artist, who is able to use computer animations and gifs to express his views and
personal experience. Redhawk believes that sharing his animations with the world will help
people understand the struggles of daily life for people with ​Charles Bonnet Syndrome (CBS).
When asked about how taking the risk of sharing his art has improved his mindset he replied,
“​The loss of this (CBS) and the effect it had on me cannot be described in words. I was left with
a sense that I had lost my ‘self’ and that for all logical purposes, I had died. I felt trapped in a
prison from which I knew there would be no escape. My blindness forced me to reevaluate what
truly defines me to myself, and to make choices in how I would travel the path which was laid
before me... how would I wish to be remembered...and how I would look upon myself.”
(Redhawk) In this quote Redhawk makes a point in saying that he felt lost once he had lost his
sight and that had made him less confident in himself. By using his work as an outlet for his loss
and confusion he was able to rid his mind of doubt in himself. He had used his art to pour his
emotions and hiss message so that others would be able to understand the true meaning in his
art as well as understand his disability. Taking the risk of sharing his art with the world came out
to be a therapeutic and inspiring action for both him and the people who look at his art. In one of
his animations, Redhawk pictures a man with colorful tendrils leaving his body and disappearing
into the background. The title of this work was Losing Self which basically sums up the point
and meaning in this piece of art. Redhawk clearly stated that the animation was a message
about what he and many others had seen and still do experience with CBS. He had wanted to
share the message that even though he is visibly impaired, he is able to make art, which is
arguably the most visual skill you could have.
The Crucible ​by Arthur Miller is also a strong example of the growth in a person’s
development and personality by taking a large risk. Throughout the play, the readers are
constantly reminded of the battle for truth in the small town of Salem, Massachusetts. One of
the main characters, John Proctor, is a man dedicated to what he believes in, the truth and what
is right, which ultimately leads to his demise. Towards the end of Act 3, Proctor brings Mary
Warren and himself to Judge Danforth in an attempt to prove that Abigail has lied about the
witch trials, which leads Proctor into confessing about his affair with abigail, “ ​his voice about to
break, and his shame great: ​In the proper place-where my beasts are bedded. On the last night
of my joy, some eight months past. She used to serve me in my house, sir. ​He has to clamp his
jaw to keep from weeping. ​A man may think God sleeps, but God sees everything, I know it
now. I beg you, sir, I beg you-see her what she is… She thinks to dance with me on my wife’s
grave! And well she might, for I thought of her softly. God help me, I listed, and there is a
promise in such a sweat. But it is a whore’s vengeance, and you must see it; I set myself
entirely in your hands. I know you must see it now.” (​The Crucible 110) ​Throughout this quote, it
is clearly stated that Proctor is taking a risk by confessing his affair with Abigail which could lead
him to hang but could also end the entirety of the Witch Trials lead by Abigail. This huge risk
solidly backs up ur previous notions of Proctor being a man of his word and the truth. As the
play continues on, it comes into clear view, Proctor had knowingly made a risk that would lead
to his death but was willing to die for his beliefs and was confident in his decision. After the
scene in act 3, another conversation with Proctor and Danforth takes place close to the jail cells
that Proctor has been put in for his sins. Danforth decides to make Proctor confess to lying
about his previous accusations and truths so that he will not be hanged. After getting Proctor to
confess so that he will be able to father his children, Danforth makes him sign a paper to prove
that he had been lying but Proctor rips up the paper in a fury and says, “ I can. And there’s your
first marvel, that I can. You have made your magic now, for now I do think I see some shred of
goodness in John Proctor. Not enough to weave a banner with, but white enough to keep it from
such dogs. ​Elizabeth, in a burst of terror, rushes to him and weeps against his hand. ​Give them
no tear! Tears pleasure them! Show honor now, show a stony heart and sink them with it!” (​The
Crucible 126) ​Similar to his actions in act 3, Proctor decides to take the risk of losing his life for a
second time to prove the ridiculousness of the situation. Again, he is able to strongly push for
what is right and the truth which further proves his courage and his identity as an honest man.
Throughout life, people constantly develop and further their personalities, taking risks
may not seem like a reasonable way to contribute to the process but it’s surprising what the
results of the risks bring. Instead of thinking in a negative way about risks, understand the
benefits along with the minor consequences.
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